Guess Why Betsy Likes Acorns

Would you like to have some acorns?  We have plenty!  There are so many acorns falling from the trees around the house that it is difficult to walk in some parts of the yard.  They’re falling so fast that we can’t keep up.  Yesterday afternoon I picked up two bags of acorns from our big flower bed and two hours later Betsy picked up another bag full!

I would expect that normally Betsy would be upset with so many acorns to clean up, but she has been surprisingly calm about the whole thing.  As a matter of fact, the more acorns we get. the happier Betsy gets.  What’s going on?!?

If you know Betsy at all you know how fascinated she is with weather.  She checks weather forecasts daily (sometimes several times a day).  Betsy has bemoaned our drought over the past two years and our lack of snow over the last two winters.  But what do acorns have to do with weather?

I found the answer in an article in our local paper written by a lady who uses folklore to predict weather.  According to her research into weather signs,  “a heavy mast crop (acorns, hickory nuts, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.) equaled a hard winter.”

Now I’m not sure what is meant by a hard winter, but if hard winter means lots of snow I now understand why Betsy is so happy about all those acorns!!!

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