A Mountain Paradise

Judy and Charlie on the deck of their mountain cabin.  April, 2006.

Judy and Charlie on the deck of their mountain cabin. April, 2006.

Betsy and I are very fortunate to have such good friends in Judy and Charlie Jones.  Betsy and Judy got to know each other while Betsy was working at the First Methodist Church in Hendersonville.  Their friendship continued after Betsy and I moved up here to the Glade, and over time Charlie and I got drawn into the friendship as well.

When Judy and Charlie got a cabin in North Carolina, they were nice enough to invite us for a weekend to share the mountains with them.

We went to the cabin with Judy and Charlie for the first time in April, 2006, but have been back several times since.  Both Betsy and I love the mountains of North Carolina, and the cabin is a beautiful place in which to enjoy them.  We enjoy sitting on the deck and just soaking up the beauty around us.

But a bonus is that the cabin is within easy distance of some beautiful waterfalls.  I think we’ve seen at least one each time we’ve been there.  Fortunately there are still many waterfalls in the area which we haven’t seen, so we’ve got some great excuses to go back!

As I said, we’re very fortunate to have such wonderful friends who are willing to share their mountain paradise.  To see more of our first visit to Judy and Charlie’s cabin click HERE.

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2 Responses to “A Mountain Paradise”

  1. Judy Jones Says:

    You are welcome any time. Come back and enjoy it with us. We are there Oct 28-31. Come for any or all of that time.

  2. seniorhiker Says:

    I don’t know if we can make it at that time, but we sure would like to get back there. Keep us in mind!

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