Rain in our rain gague.  October 8, 2008..

Rain in our rain gague. October 8, 2008..

The picture above is absolutely beautiful!

I’ll admit that it’s really not something spectacular — just a picture that I took Wednesday afternoon of the rain gauge on our deck.  After weeks of being bone dry, this picture actually shows water in the gauge.

It started to sprinkle late Tuesday afternoon and continued off and on until early Wednesday afternoon.  It never did rain real hard — at least while I was awake — but we ended up with about 1.8 inches of rain.  This is the first rain we’ve had in over six weeks.

We usually would have some runoff after getting that much rain in 24 hours, but I could see no signs at all of runoff around the house.  I guess that’s an advantage of having a slow rain.  Of course we need another 2 or 3 inches to get caught up for the year, but this rainfall sure was nice.

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