Where’s the Other Waterfall?

Lower Akron Falls, Akron, New York.  October 24, 2008.

Lower Akron Falls, Akron, New York. October 24, 2008.

Kelly’s husband, Chuck, grew up in Akron, New York, near Buffalo.  When we visited them last weekend, they took us to a city park in Akron, where there was a waterfall that they had visited several times.

Akron Falls Park is a beautiful place, and there was enough autumn color left on the trees to make it truly beautiful.  The hike to the waterfall was an easy one and the waterfall was as pretty as they promised.  We thoroughly enjoyed the view

Imagine our surprise when we discovered, after we got home, that Akron Falls Park contains two waterfalls.  The falls we saw, Lower Akron Falls, is the larger of the two.  The second falls, which Kelly and Chuck didn’t know about, is about 600 feet upstream from the lower falls and is reached by a different trail.

So it looks as if we’ll need to make another trip to Akron to see that second fall.  But Lower Akron Falls is the 280th waterfall in our ‘collection’.  To see all of them, click on WATERFALLS.

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