Our Woodpile is Shrinking


Our woodpile is shrinking.

This cold snap, and an earlier one in November, have put a dent in our woodpile as you can see from the picture above.

We usually have a fire in the fireplace when the temperature drops below 40°.  We have a fire because a certain blonde in my life likes fireplace fires and also because it helps warm the house.  In the past we’ve had fires mostly in the evenings while watching TV, but it’s been so cold for the past week that we’ve tried to keep the fire going through the night.  I’m not sure if it will help us make up for TVA’s rate hikes, but the heat usually comes on only in the early morning about dawn.  When we get up we get the fire going good again and the heat usually goes off for the rest of the day.

We get our wood cut to length, but I usually split some of the bigger pieces.  That gives me something to do during the day.  I can get even more exercise by carrying the wood from the woodpile to the garage.

We try to maintain a two-year supply of wood so that it has plenty of time to age before we burn it.  So although this year’s pile is dwindling, we still have plenty of wood.  But in spite of that I sure would like things to warm up.

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25 Responses to “Our Woodpile is Shrinking”

  1. Kathy Says:

    There have been a few days this winter it would have been nice to have had a fire place. It would have been wonderful last year when we lost power for 9 days to have had a fire place. =) Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Mildred Says:

    Geroge, I do believe you are suffering from Spring fever! I believe you like the warmer weather and working in your roses Betsy has told me about. The fire in the fireplace sounds very relaxing and warm until that time rolls around.

  3. Valkyrien Says:

    I agree with the blond in your life; a fireplace is warm and cosy – a different warmth than heat from electric. I don’t have a fireplace myself, but my boyfriend has one, and I love the smell and the crackle. (not sure of the last word…..)

  4. Grammy Says:

    Hi George, Thanks for dropping by. No he is not in the dog house. He is lost in TV land. Since his bypass he has no will to live life and enjoy anything. Talking is something he rarely dose. The grandkids can spark some life back in him. So to get those words out of him was a miracle.

    I too look forward to spring

  5. tanya Says:

    That’s a great idea to keep a 2 year supply. We haven’t bought wood yet. We have the kids go around and drag up big limbs that have fallen and my husband cuts it. I love a fire at night while watching tv too!
    Are you warming up there today?

  6. theArthurClan Says:

    It has been COLD this year! My sister and her husband finally had to buy coal this year for their woodburner because their wood was disappearing so quickly. It’s hard to watch that pile go down so quickly!

  7. Carla Says:

    I’ve used my fireplace a lot this winter also. The previous owner of this house left a stack of wood in the back…but I’m going through it quickly. And a good thing about living in the woods is that there’s never a shortage of kindling.

  8. Suzanne Says:

    ohhhh, the crackling of a nice fire…I just love it. Of course, I have not a need for it here…but ohhhh it is so nice. 🙂

  9. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    That picture looks wintery.A fireplace fire is so cozy.

  10. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: We will be above freezing for the first time this year tomorrow and it will only last a few hours. I’m ready for Spring.

  11. Mary Says:

    A nice looking woodpile! I think you have a few more fires sitting there for sure 🙂 I imagine it is good exercise doing the splitting and a lot of happy satisfaction to watch it burn.

  12. NCMountainwoman Says:

    There is nothing like a good fire in the fireplace. Due to some misunderstanding between us and our contractor, our fireplace is much too shallow so we use gas logs. They are beautiful, but not the same even when you add the magic stuff that makes the fire crackle.

  13. Susie Says:

    I do love the smell of a wood-burning fireplace. Ours is gas and I miss the smell. Chopping up some of the bigger wood pieces does sound like good exercise George and it gets you outside for awhile.

  14. Rambling Woods Says:

    That looks like a lot of wood. We don’t use our fireplace that much with my asthma..but I do enjoy it once in a while…

  15. Leedra Says:

    We are all ready for the warmer weather. I have gas logs and use them the same way. Have to give the heat pump a rest. Since I am the only one here now I sure am glad all I have to do is walk over to the wall and flip a switch.

    Noticed Betsy is even over the snow. She is like me, let’s see a good one, then move on.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun
    Leedra’s Greeting Cards
    Photography By Leedra

  16. Shelley Says:

    That is an impressive woodpile you have there! I won’t embarrass my hubby and show you how big his woodpile is! LOL! Great photo and I think you should toast some marshmallows in the fireplace tonight!

  17. Gill Says:

    I would love a wood fire again………just have a gas one at the moment, less mess I suppose though,

    Gill in Canada

  18. marites1034 Says:

    hopefully, there’d be more sunny days in the near days..

  19. Louise Says:

    If I were there, I would fully support “some blonde!”

  20. Rose Says:

    I love the smell of woodsmoke–I wish I could bottle it. I keep wanting to convert the old garage into a snug place for me to have a woodburner–so I can go out there and have a fire whenever I want. I would probably have one up into the summer.

    And I love splitting wood….

  21. Hilda Says:

    Global weather has been so screwed up recently. It’s been so cold here in Manila too. Nothing that needs fireplaces, but it’s still very unusual. Hope it warms up there soon.

  22. happilyretired Says:

    I’m with ‘some blonde’ on this … There’s nothing quite like a crackling wood fire on a chilly day or evening … of course MY definition of cold differs greatly from yours ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Tootie Says:

    There’s just nothing like a wood fire to keep you warm! I love to watch wood burning in the fireplace, but it always makes me fall asleep. 🙂

  24. Connie Says:

    That is a lot of wood. I keep my thermostat on 60 at night to try to cut down on the power bills. We have a gas fireplace, but that costs too much to run that. I think my husband turned off the pilot light for it.

  25. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    I’ve always wanted a fireplace. I never thought about the wood pile you’d mneed to keep that going in a winter like yours. Your winter is such a different world.

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