Scenic Sunday # 32

Sunrise on Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.  December 4, 2008.

Sunrise on Mt. Nebo, Arkansas. December 4, 2008.

This is my post for Scenic Sunday.  You can join and share your scenic pictures with us, or visit beautiful scenes from around the world, by clicking HERE.

The picture above was taken last December at Mount Nebo State Park in Arkansas.    Betsy and I got up early one morning and went to Sunrise Point, which overlooks the Arkansas River valley.  In the picture, which can be enlarged, you can see the river at the extreme left, which is just beginning to show some reflected color from the rising sun.

The sun has not yet risen above the mountains on the other side of the valley, but the low clouds in the east are already sunlit.  It was the beginning of a beautiful day.


I’m happy to report that both Betsy and I are now using our new computers.  We had a small hiccup or two, but the file transfers went well.  I know I’m very happy with my new computer, and I think Betsy is as well.

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23 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 32”

  1. Ms Hays Says:

    What part of Arkansas is this? I’m not far from AR where I live – maybe I could visit this place! Beautiful colors!!

    I’m glad the new computers are working now – sorry about the hiccups, but you’re up & running now & that’s what counts!!!

  2. Hilda Says:

    Love the sliver of sunlit clouds. I hope you and Betsy watched the entire sunrise and enjoyed it!

    Congratulations on your new computers! Glad to hear your file transfer went well — but then, it’s a Mac. I would have been terribly surprised if you had problems. I’m still deciding whether I want a new Mac myself, or have the roof repaired and painted. They cost as much here. Actually, I think the roof repair is cheaper!

  3. Bohol Today Says:

    This is a beautiful skyscape. Very scenic indeed.

  4. ppdesigns Says:

    beautiful photo – there is something about sunrises isn’t there?

  5. Michele Says:

    Outstanding sunrise! The colors are fantastic!
    I am happy to hear all went well with the computers!

  6. Dot Says:

    Gorgeous sunrise photo! I hope you and Betsy enjoy your new computers.

  7. Kathleen Corbett Says:

    Good morning, George,
    Have a memorable enjoyable Sunday, So glad that you and Betsy are back on line and enjoying your new computers. Eventully I will need one, but there is always more demands for that money elsewhere, like our utilities.

    I love your sunset, we were thinking alike this morning, I just posted on Twitpic the sunset of our Capitol building in our city of Providence I had taken. Follow me on Twittter @grandmakthleen

  8. Valkyrien Says:

    Beautiful colours on that sunrise! And I believe I can spot a bit of the colour reflected in the lake to the left!
    Great that everything went well with your new computer!

  9. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Lovely shot.Have a great day,Ruth

  10. Linnea Says:

    Wow…stunning scene. I love how the river (is that a river?) is snaking through the landscape. You two sure did get up early to capture this one, but it was worth it! Congrats on the new computers – great choice and I’m sure you’ll love them. I use iphoto to do basic editing of my pics. It’s easy to use and seems to do the job well. Hi from rainy Cal.

  11. Carla Says:

    Beautiful picture! And congrats on the new computers.

  12. sharon Says:

    A very nice way to start the day:)

  13. Rose Says:

    Oh, that is a beauty!

  14. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: It’s always great to capture a sunrise.

  15. Tina Says:

    You guys really did get up early…beautiful hints of color in that sunrise..and then to have a nice day on top of it….wow!
    Glad you like your new computers, but hey its a mac..what not to like!!!

  16. Jen Says:

    Great shot George.
    I did Scenic Sunday too, ’cause of you. 🙂
    Have a good day.

  17. Suz Says:

    Nothing prettier than a sunrise…the days are just filled with possibilities.
    Congrats on getting your new pc’s up and running. That is quite a feat.

  18. Darla Says:

    What a great photo!

  19. Mildred Says:

    Great news about the computers George. This is a pretty sunrise picture also. Hope you two have a wonderful week.

  20. robert v sobczak Says:

    The dreaded file transfer!!! I know exactly what you mean. Congratulations on new machines.

  21. Carletta Says:

    A beautiful sunrise George!
    I keep meaning to mention we have a Mt.Nebo here in WV. It’s the sight of a couple of gospel sings yearly.
    Congrats on the new computers but do not envy the transfering of files. 🙂

    I started a new blog for my better (I hope) photos. Hope you’ll take a look.
    My post is at Carletta’s Captures.

  22. theArthurClan Says:

    Yeah for new computers! You’re going to love having that fast, new machine to work on. (Your photo is gorgeous, as always!)

  23. storyteller Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL sunrise … looks like a fiery one in the making ;–)
    Methinks the two of you will LOVE your new faster computers. Congrats on getting things up & running so quickly.
    Hugs and blessings,

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