We’re Off to Texas

Texas Welcome Center.  April 17, 2008.

Texas Welcome Center. April 17, 2008.

Betsy and I are leaving a little later this morning for Texas.  We’re going down to see our (Betsy’s) two granddaughters play softball.  They are both excellent athletes and have been playing softball for several years.

We were in Texas last year, but neither girl had a game while we were there.  They both have games scheduled for the coming weekend so we’re hoping the weather will cooperate so we can see them play.

We’ll hopefully be back next Wednesday.  I don’t think we’ll find any waterfalls on this trip, but if we get on some back roads you never can tell.

I hope all of you have a great week.  We’ll catch up with you when we get back.

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23 Responses to “We’re Off to Texas”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Bye George, Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Drive safe George. Not sure what part of Texas your headed for but looks like the Northern part of the state is in for heavy rain on friday.

  3. Hilda Says:

    Have a safe trip! Here’s hoping the weather cooperates AND that your granddaughters win their games!

  4. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Have a wonderful time.I’m sure if there are waterfalls in the area the two of you will find them:)

  5. Susie Says:

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Have a great trip and bring back some photos.

  7. NCmountainwoman Says:

    Have a safe journey. Hope Texas doesn’t secede while you are there.

  8. Valkyrien Says:

    Wish you both a great trip to Texas! Drive safe, enjoy yourself – and I know you will bring back some fun for us to read – and some great shots!

  9. D Says:

    Have fun in the Lone Star State and take pics of those superstar granddaughters.

  10. Busy bee suz Says:

    have fun…remember your sunscreen!!

  11. Shelley Says:

    Have a wonderful and safe trip! Hope you have great weather!

  12. Jen Says:

    Do it Big! Have a good time.

  13. Happily Retired Gal Says:

    Hey … hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Texas. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on missed posts before you return ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. karin Says:

    Looking forward to your return! Meanwhile, have a great time and I know you won’t let a little rain steal your joy!

  15. Happyone Says:

    Have a great time in Texas. Hope you have sunny days for the games!!

  16. imac Says:

    Have a good trip George, thought I was bad for going away.lol.
    Just posted the last episode of Baker n Potts story

  17. Janie of Utah Says:

    Have fun! Hope the weather cooperates for the softball games.

  18. LEEDRA Says:

    Between you and Texas, somewhere in Mississippi is a petrified forest. Not sure where, and it sure is NOT a waterfall, but we did enjoy going through it. Don’t even know if I could find it again.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  19. LEEDRA Says:

    Said all that and THEN realised you will not read this until you have returned. DUH!

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  20. Neal Says:

    Have a great and safe trip.

  21. Carletta Says:

    Hope you have (had) a great trip!
    Will send prayers for safe travel.

  22. Ms Hays Says:

    Have a great time – Be Safe & GOD BLESS!!!

  23. Evita Says:

    Hi George!

    Have a fantastic time! Every trip no matter how great or how small holds potential for many adventures and unique photographs 🙂

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