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Our World: High School Football Preliminaries

October 18, 2011

Betsy's grandson Landon (middle drummer) at the high school game. October 6, 2011.

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Earlier this month we went Knoxville to see a high school football game.  Betsy’s grandson, is a drummer in his high school band.  That’s Landon in the middle in the picture above.

Both of my children were in the band during their high school years, so it was interesting to see how the pre-game activities have changed since my kids were in school.

Bearden Bulldog banner at the game. October 6, 2011.

Things got started with a group of students bring a large banner out to midfield.

Cheerleaders leading the team out onto the field.

The cheerleaders burst through the banner . . .

The football team arrives on the field. October 6, 2011.

. . . followed by the football team.

Fireworks welcome the team onto the field. Bearden High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. October 6, 2011.

The fireworks reminded me of an NFL playoff game.  But everyone (except perhaps the visiting team) seemed to enjoy the excitement and soon it was time to play football.

My World: High School Football

October 5, 2010

Waiting for the team to take the field, Bearden High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. September 30, 2010.

This is my post for the My World meme.  It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Wren, and Fishing Guy.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

This past Thursday Betsy and I drove to Knoxville to see a high school football game.  Actually we went to see the band which was performing at the game, since Betsy’s grandson, Landon, is a member of the band.

This game was somewhat unique for me since I got to sit and watch the entire game.  Now don’t get me wrong — I’ve been to many high school football games.  But both of my children were in the marching band at their school, so much of my time at games was spent in Band Parents’ concession stands.

Half-time show, Bearden High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. September 30, 2010.

Since Landon is in the band, we have many more pictures of the band than we do of the football team.  The above picture shows much of the band during their half-time show.

Landon, September 30, 2010.

The handsome young man on the left is Landon.  He’s a percussionist and, as a freshman, is not marching this year, although he expects to next year.


As many of you know, I have been using a geotagger with my camera to record our location when we take pictures.  Using the information on the above pictures I found this picture of the stadium on Google Earth.  We were in the nose-bleed section of the stands near the press box.

A Family Visit

July 13, 2009
Sean crossing a creek on rocks instead of using the bridge.  July 10, 2009.

Sean crossing a creek on rocks instead of using the bridge. July 10, 2009.

We had a wonderful visit with my son, Bob, and grandson, Sean, on Friday and Saturday.  They were staying, along with my son’s girlfriend, Mel,  and her son, Zack, at a condo in the North Carolina mountains owned by Mel’s parents.

Zack is older than Sean, so Sean has an ‘older brother’ to play with and do things with.  We were impressed at how well the two boys got along and how well they cooperated at doing their chores together.

We met them on Friday morning at Pink Beds, a picnic area in Pisgah National Forest.  After a short hike and a delicious picnic lunch, we went to nearby Sliding Rock.  Sliding Rock is a naturally occurring 60-foot waterslide with an eight-foot deep pool that has been developed into a recreation area by the US Forest Service.

Bob and Sean at Sliding Rock.  July 10, 2009.

Bob and Sean at Sliding Rock. July 10, 2009.

When we got to Sliding Rock there were many people enjoying the slide (but even more were watching).  While we were there the water temperature was about 50°, but that didn’t deter Bob and the boys, as you can see from the picture above.  They went down the slide twice, but then Sean decided that was enough.  As he explained, the was COLD!

After everyone got changed into dry clothes we then drove to the condo northeast of Asheville, NC.  There Bob and Mel were perfect hosts and prepared a delicious meal.  The condo is an absolutely gorgeous area and some of those views will be the subject of future posts.

We’re Off to Texas

April 16, 2009
Texas Welcome Center.  April 17, 2008.

Texas Welcome Center. April 17, 2008.

Betsy and I are leaving a little later this morning for Texas.  We’re going down to see our (Betsy’s) two granddaughters play softball.  They are both excellent athletes and have been playing softball for several years.

We were in Texas last year, but neither girl had a game while we were there.  They both have games scheduled for the coming weekend so we’re hoping the weather will cooperate so we can see them play.

We’ll hopefully be back next Wednesday.  I don’t think we’ll find any waterfalls on this trip, but if we get on some back roads you never can tell.

I hope all of you have a great week.  We’ll catch up with you when we get back.

Grandson Sean

November 22, 2008
Sean Franklin Adams

Sean Franklin Adams

The handsome young man above is my grandson, Sean.  Sean is five years young and lives down in Florida.  That means we don’t get to see him nearly as much as we would like to.

Sean recently (November 5) had a birthday and Betsy and I were faced with the decision of trying to decide what to get a 5-year old.  The last time he was up here he wanted to go shopping in a toy store here in Crossville, so we decided to get him a gift card to Toys ‘R Us and let him do his own shopping.

Sean is a very computer literate young man, so he downloaded a thank you card which he colored and had his Dad send to us.  (Dad may have had to help with the download, but if so Sean isn’t admitting that!).  He also said he was going to have another birthday next week!  I certainly have a smart grandson, but I would imagine that he will be less likely to want birthdays come so fast when he gets closer to my age!!

One more thing:  I’m sure you’ll agree that Sean is quite handsome.  Fortunately he gets his looks from his father and not his grandfather!

A Moving Experience

November 16, 2008
Grandson Landon with his sister Avery.  November 15, 2008.

Grandson Landon with his sister Avery. November 15, 2008.

Yesterday Betsy and I had pleasure of attending the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson, Landon.  Landon is the oldest child of son Jeff and lives in Knoxville.  His Bar Mitzvah was at Temple Beth El in Knoxville.

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony traditionally takes place around the thirteenth birthday of a young man (Landon’s birthday is August 25).  The term Bar Mitzvah means “son of the commandment” and represents a boy’s formal acceptance of religious responsibility as a member of his temple or synagogue.  Landon prepared for his Bar Mitzvah for about six months.  During that time he learned and studied his Torah portion (which he read in Hebrew), practiced the prayers which he led, and wrote his commentary on the Torah portion he read.

Yesterday was only the second Jewish worship service that I have attended,  so there was much that I didn’t fully comprehend.  But the majesty of the service and the evidence of the faith was very obvious.  I’m glad we got to go.

Landon has a younger sister, Avery (see the picture above).  Avery told us that she will have her Bat Mitzvah in three years.  I hope we’ll be invited!

Sean Franklin Adams

July 24, 2008

Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

My grandson, Sean, his father (my son, Robert), Sean’s friend, Zack, and Zack’s mom went to the mountains of North Carolina, over the Fourth of July weekend.  From what I’ve heard, they had a wonderful time.

When they got back home Robert put together a DVD of their vacation.  The DVD featured both a video and a slide show, and was very well done in my not-so-unbiased opinion.  Robert also put an album of pictures on the web, which is where I got the above picture.

As you can see, Sean is a very handsome young man.  Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for that — Sean looks much more like his father than he does his grandfather.

I’m sorry that we don’t get to see Sean more often — he is growing up so fast!  But I am thankful that Sean has a father who is using modern technology to keep in touch with those of us who live so far away.