Scenic Sunday # 41

Lake Nickajack, Tennessee.  April 16, 2009.

Lake Nickajack, Tennessee. April 16, 2009.

This is my post for the Scenic Sunday meme, which shares beautiful scenes from around the world.  To see more Scenic Sunday posts, or to join and post your own pictures, click HERE.

Betsy and I like to travel on back roads whenever possible — we see much more of America that way.  But our recent trip to Texas involved such long distances that we asked our GPS to take us by the quickest route, even though we knew that would mean mostly going on the interstate highways.

We’ve stopped at some fairly nice rest areas on the interstate, although I would not call most of them scenic.  But on this trip we got a real surprise — a rest area that is actually scenic.

The picture above was taken at the rest area on I-24 near Chattanooga.  The rest area is on an island in Lake Nickajack on the Tennessee River.  The lake is formed by Nickajack Dam, a hydroelectric dam near Jasper Tennessee.  Nickajack Dam is one of nine dams on the Tennessee River owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority.  The name Nickajack comes from a Cherokee village which once stood just upstream from the dam site.

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28 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 41”

  1. sharon Says:

    With a view like that, this is a rest area that you would actually be encouraged to take some time & rest in! Beautiful shot:)

  2. Norm Says:

    love the place nice to have picnic there peaceful and clean..

  3. Bonnie Bonsai Says:

    Wow! Awesome!!! There is magic in lakes covered by mountains.

  4. kazu Says:

    Beautiful place.great photo!

  5. Mary Says:

    That really is a beautiful view! Hard to believe it is at a rest stop!

  6. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Very scenic indeed. Lovely lake and lovely sky. Lucky you found such a nice place to take a break at and the name I like too. Pity the indian village no longer exists.

  7. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Now that is a rest area where one would want to linger.Beautiful.

  8. Busy bee suz Says:

    So pretty. And I just like to say the word NickaJack…sounds so fun.

  9. Indrani Says:

    Perfect as a greeting card. 🙂

  10. Grammy Says:

    That is beautiful! We stopped at a place called look out mountain in Cherokee Texas . I think Jackson co. It was an amazing view with history in the rest area. Do you know much about the farmers almanac way of gardening?
    I and learning biometric as it is said to be a more scientific proven spin on the old ways of gardening by the moon. one big conflict I find is the sign cancer is above the waist and my Aunt said not to use any of then signs. But in side real and bio. It is the most fruitful. If you know. Could you share your knowledge on my garden journal blog?

  11. Nature Rambler Says:

    What a nice surprise for a rest stop. We do have a few nice ones here in Oregon but nothing with a view like that. Thanks for sharing your traveling adventure and have a great Sunday.

  12. NCmountainwoman Says:

    That lake is like a mirror. What wonderful placid water.

  13. naturegirl Says:

    Indeed a beautiful sight! Your reward for taking the backroads!
    I would sit there for hours just taking it in! I love the collage of your parents tulips in bloom in previous post!

  14. Barbara Says:

    You captured the peacefulness of the lake.. beautiful Smiles B

  15. Happyone Says:

    Beautiful rest area. I just might want to stay right there and not travel any farther. 🙂

  16. Tina Says:

    That is a treat for a rest area!! What a great surprise that must have been!

  17. karin Says:

    I just love it when a rest area is actually well thought out and planned with the weary traveler in mind! After an uplifting view like that, one feels refreshed in body, soul and spirit and can continue driving in a better frame of mind! Thanks for sharing your Scenic Sunday!

  18. Tammie Says:

    I like back roads too. But looks like you found a wonderful place because you did not wander off the beaten path. Lovely.

  19. Rose Says:

    I have never seen anything this beautiful at a rest stop!

  20. Evita Says:

    That is a beautiful and serene addition George! I like the sound of this new meme too!

    I try to take a break from my photo blog on the weekend and so do not post photos on Sunday, otherwise I would love to participate. Who knows maybe the will change with the coming of summer….

  21. Valkyrien Says:

    Very scenic and beautiful place to rest!
    But I must say it was scary to read about the storm in Texas (I have som catching up to do, since I have been away myself…not far) – and look at the picture after the storm! That is some strong wind! I have myself watched a roof being ripped of a house due to a hurricane, so I know it is dangerous! Glad to understand none of your familiy members got hurt!

    And then; soo lovely flowers you have in your garden! 😉

  22. The Explorer Says:

    very serene…you are very lucky to see this place with your own eyes

  23. Susie Says:

    I love that area. We use to cross thru there all the time traveling from GA to AR.

  24. Bryan Says:

    This is a rest area? It’s so scenic.

  25. Hilda Says:

    What a wonderfully serene lake and beautiful skies! It’s a beautiful photo, George, and I’m so glad you found this treasure along the highway. Must have been such a nice surprise for you and Betsy.

  26. robert v sobczak Says:

    Traveling is the best, and on country roads even better. Now if I could only find the time. (Some day …)

  27. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: What a great lake and looks like a neat fishing spot.

    BTW: The Cavs swept the Pistons and get to rest to see if who they play next.

  28. Ms Hays Says:

    Oh that really would be a pleasant surprise to see at a rest stop – I’ve never seen anything like that at any of the rest stops I’ve been to. Very pretty view

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