A Family Reunion

Mom, Dad, Janet, Ken and me.  Gallatin, Tennessee.  June 16, 2009.

Mom, Dad, Janet, Ken and me. Gallatin, Tennessee. June 16, 2009.

Last night (Tuesday) we had something of a family reunion.  We went back to the Nashville area (third time in two weeks) to meet Mom and Dad, my little brother Ken, and my baby sister Janet for dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Both Ken and Janet will object to my description, but that is how I think of them.

Janet is ten years younger than I am and lives here in Tennessee.  We take turns (alternate weeks) checking up on Mom and Dad, so we don’t see each other as often as we would like.

Ken is two years younger than I am.  He lives in northern Indiana, so he only gets down here once a year or so.  Since Ken and his wife are down here visiting, Mom and Dad got us all together for a couple of hours, at least.  It doesn’t happen often enough, but it is nice when it happens.

Betsy took the picture above.  Janet’s husband and Ken’s wife were making sure everyone was smiling.

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12 Responses to “A Family Reunion”

  1. Mary Says:

    It is easy to see the family resemblance among all of you! Aren’t family reunions great?

  2. Rose Says:

    I cannot even remember the last time all of us were together…seriously. Seems like someone is always missing, so take advantage of it when you can. You will treasure this picture in years to come.

  3. Happyone Says:

    How nice that you all got together for a family reunion. You can certainly see the family resemblance.

  4. Jen Says:

    Cracker Barrel has gotten a lot your business lately-
    Good place to eat and meet! 🙂
    It’s nice you all took the time to get together.

  5. imac Says:

    Nice to see a Happy Family reunion, you all look great George.
    Regards to your family.

    Nice shot Betsy.

  6. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    What a lovely photo and how great to hear that you do take such good care of your parents so that they can remain in their own home. They look like a nice couple together. I have a special soft spot for senior folks.

  7. theArthurClan Says:

    What a lovely time you all must have had together! My siblings are my very best friends in the world and one of them will always be my “baby” brother (even if he’s a foot taller than me now.) 🙂

  8. Rambling Woods Says:

    Lovely photo George..I love the Cracker Barrel and we don’t have one near where I live….Michelle

  9. Shelley Says:

    It’s nice to see your family George and i’m glad you were all able to get together! Makes for some nice memories!

  10. Suz Says:

    What a wonderful picture…you have to get together WHENEVER the moment arises. I bet your parents just love it when they can visit with all of you.

  11. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    What a blessing to be able to be together as a family in this way,especially with the parents still alive and well.

  12. MaryBeth Says:

    I bet your folks were so happy to see you all together. You all look like a nice family. MB

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