Laurel Mountain Falls

Upper Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia.  June 22, 2009.

Upper Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia. June 22, 2009.

On our anniversary trip our main destination was Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia.  But we wanted to see some other waterfalls in the area, if possible.

We have a book describing waterfalls in northern Georgia, and the book mentioned waterfalls and cascades on Patterson Creek near Dillard, Georgia, which is where we were staying.  The book had directions, but it is eight years old and things change, even in the mountains.  But we persevered and did find the creek.  A faint path led us to the fall pictured above.

Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia.  June 22, 2009.

Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia. June 22, 2009.

A little way downstream we came upon Laurel Mountain Falls.

Lower Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia.  June 22, 2009.

Lower Laurel Mountain Falls, Dillard, Georgia. June 22, 2009.

A steep path led down to Lower Laurel Mountain Falls, although I couldn’t get to creek at the base.  Betsy, being the sensible woman she is, waited for me at the head of the steep path.

Patterson Creek did not have a heavy water flow, but the falls and cascades along the creek were pretty.  We were glad to add these to our collection.

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13 Responses to “Laurel Mountain Falls”

  1. Tina Says:

    You guys must have so many water fall should write your own book about all your favs and where they are located..I bet it would be a best seller..everyone loves waterfalls!! 😉

  2. Susie Says:

    Beautiful George!

  3. Valkyrien Says:

    That first shot is really awesome! All are beautiful – but the first is something special! The lines in the water going in different directions, the light – George, that is a wonderful photo! You should frame it!

  4. karin Says:

    Excellent shots of a very lovely, smooth flowing waterfall – a fairly gentle slope making for a beautiful cascade veil.

  5. Grammy Says:

    All the fall’s are just breath taking , George. Thanks for sharing the photos of places I may never get to see.

  6. MaryBeth Says:

    Oh wow!! Beautiful falls. I have a waterfall book for Washington and I am crossing the state today and will be gone a few days so I may look up some falls. MB

  7. Suz Says:

    Just so pretty!!

  8. imac Says:

    Love water George, these shots are great.

  9. happilyretired Says:

    I do enjoy hikes to waterfalls but haven’t taken any lately. I appreciate the virtual views you’ve shared. They’re LOVELY ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. SquirrelQueen Says:

    When I was reading Betsy’s story about Dillard I was trying to remember the name of a waterfall in that area, this is it! Laurel Mountain Falls is one I remember from my childhood. I didn’t remeber all three but I have probably been there, my dad liked out of the way places.
    Thanks for the memories,

  11. Mary Says:

    Very pretty! I don’t know how you keep all these falls straight. Really wonderful photos and must be glorious in real life.

  12. Carletta Says:

    That first one is beautiful George!
    I don’t know what settings you use to get the water like that but it’s gorgeous!

  13. Rose Says:

    They sure are beautiful!

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