Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad with his birthday cake, Hendersonville, Tennessee.  August 28, 2009.

Dad with his birthday cake, Hendersonville, Tennessee. August 28, 2009.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

Yesterday Betsy and I went to Hendersonville to check on my parents and to help them out in any way that we can.  While we were there we wrote checks for them and  took them to do their grocery shopping.  I even helped Dad put  in a new vanity in their bathroom.  We didn’t quite get finished with the job — the rest of it will have to wait until our next trip over.

While we were there we also celebrated Dad’s 97th birthday (a day early).  We took Mom and Dad out for lunch and he got a big brownie and ice cream as a birthday treat.  Fortunately it was so big that he shared it with the rest of us.  It was delicious.

When we got back to their house, a member of their Sunday School class called to say she wanted to come over to wish Dad a happy birthday.  She came over with a birthday hat, homemade birthday cake and a loaf of homemade bread.  The candle on the cake was supposed to be one of those candles that can’t be blown out, but Dad managed to do it.

I don’t think Dad is planning on slowing down now that he is a year older (or perhaps I should say younger).  One of the things we helped him do yesterday was order some blackberry plants.  He wants some fresh blackberries on his ice cream next spring!

Happy birthday, Dad.

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14 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad”

  1. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: It certainly looks like you have a long life ahead. Congrats on your Dad reaching 97.

  2. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad. I do hope you inherited his gene pool, George. How wonderful to live such a long life and still be able to enjoy everything around you. He is one blessed man…and you are another.

  3. kbguy Says:

    Sent my regards and greetings to the senior. haha.. and Happy Birthday too.

    I hope he is having a wonderful time and happy moments. Also I enjoy reading your blog. Will be back again.


  4. Carletta Says:

    I just saw the other pic on your photoblog. Wow, 97 years young! He deserves blackberries next spring!!!

  5. imac Says:

    Happy Day Dad.
    Great post George.
    Do folk over there get a Telegram when they reach 100, like they do here from the Queen?.

  6. Rose Says:

    You are so very blessed to have your parents and them able to live on their own. And that he is making plans for next year is wonderful.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    A Happy Birthday wish for your dad. It certainly looks like a wonderful, delicios birthday!

  8. MaryBeth Says:

    Happy Birthday to your Father. He sounds like a great guy. MB

  9. Happyone Says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!
    I just got back from a couple of days visiting with my mom and step dad. 🙂

  10. storyteller at Small Reflections Says:

    Happy belated birthday to your day! May he continue to live a rich, full life ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Louise Cannon Says:

    This is wonderful!

  12. Mary Says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad! Many blessings in the coming year!

  13. Karin Says:

    What a blessing to be able to enjoy each other’s company and help where it is needed. Happy belated birthday to your dad George! Yes, blackberries next spring! A life filled with hope!

  14. Tricia Says:

    Awww! He’s so sweeet! Happy Happy Happy 97th!

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