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Happy Birthday, Dad

August 29, 2013


(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

My Dad is celebrating his 101st birthday today.  The picture above  was taken last year when we celebrated his 100th birthday at his church in Hendersonville.  My younger brother Ken and my sister Janet are standing with me behind Dad.

Dad has had a remarkable life.  He remembers when a horse and wagon was the family’s transportation, as well as his first encounter with electricity.  But he didn’t live in the past.  At the tender age of 90 he learned to use a computer and would send us daily emails telling us when he and Mom had been doing the day before.  Even in his mid-nineties he would get up on the roof of his house when necessary.

He’s slowed down quite a bit over the last few years, especially after Mom died.  But he still enjoys getting out and going for a ride, and he still enjoys his ice cream.  Betsy and I are going to Tullahoma this evening to have a restaurant dinner with Dad and Janet, and I’m pretty sure I know what he’ll order for dessert.

SkyWatch Friday: Fire in the Sky

July 5, 2013
Glade Community Club fireworks, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  July 4, 2010.

Glade Community Club fireworks, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. July 4, 2010.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

This is my post for Skywatch Friday, a meme for sharing views of the sky from all over the world.  To see more, or to join and share your own photos of the sky, click HERE.

Glade Community Club fireworks, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  July 4, 2010.

Glade Community Club fireworks, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. July 4, 2010.

The sky over Fairfield Glade was like the sky over many places last night — full of color and noise.  The annual fireworks display is popular with people of all ages, as many of our residents gather at Druid Hills club house to take in the show.


These pictures were taken a couple of years ago.

Happy Birthday, Dad

August 29, 2012

John Emery Adams, Jr. Christmas, 1938.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Today is a very special day — my Dad is celebrating his 100th birthday.  The picture above, which he had taken for my mother when they were dating, is the earliest picture I could find.

It’s hard to imagine the changes he’s seen over the past century.  Dad was born in Texas, but his family moved to Arkansas when he was still a boy.  He remembers going to church in a horse-drawn wagon.  He was still a young teenager when he first encountered electricity.  His mother fussed at him because he kept turning a light off and on trying to figure out where the light came from.

Mom, Dad and me in 1942.

Dad met Mom in 1937 when he was in the CCC, but they had to wait until Mom was 20 in 1940 before they could get married.  They had their first child in 1942 (it’s been a long time since I had that much hair!).

Dad at Marty and Floyd’s house, Crown Point, Indiana. Approximately 1960.

Dad was always interested in gadgets.  This snapshot, taken about 1960, shows him with his 8mm movie camera at my aunt and uncle’s house.

Dad and Betsy at Amy and Matt’s wedding. June 16, 2001.

This picture shows Dad dancing with Betsy at my cousin’s wedding in 2001.  They were obviously a big hit on the dance floor.

Mom and Dad at Barren River State Park, Kentucky. August 29, 2004.

I took this picture of Mom and Dad in 2004 as we celebrated Dad’s 92nd birthday.  Mom died in June, 2011, shortly after their 71st wedding anniversary.

Dad and his new tractor in 2006.

Dad’s love of gadgets and learning things remained strong through the years.  He taught himself to use a computer when he was 90.  By the time he was 94 he decided he was too old to mow the lawn with his walking mower, so he got this riding tractor so he could continue mowing his own lawn.

Dad and Janet, Tullahoma, Tennessee. July 4, 2012.

This picture of Dad with my sister Janet is the most recent picture I have.  Dad now lives with Janet in Tullahoma, Tennessee.


Dad conversing with a guest at his birthday celebration, Hendersonville, Tennessee. August 25, 2012.

We celebrated Dad’s birthday a few days early with a reception at his church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  Quite a few friends from the church — as well as family members — came to see Dad and wish him a happy birthday.  In the picture above Dad is talking with a church member he hadn’t seen in over a year.  The woman on the right is his niece, who came down from Indiana with her family to see Dad.

Someone Is Having a Birthday

August 4, 2011

I don’t want to mention any names, but someone is having a birthday tomorrow.  I definitely won’t mention anything as crass as age, but can you guess who this birthday person is?

The picture above shows her with her father before she grew into an accomplished drive-by shooter (with a camera!).  But even at that young age she was in the driver’s seat, making sure the men in her life went in the proper direction.

As you can see, Birthday Girl developed an early appreciation for flowers.  So really, what choice did I have but to promise her a rose garden?

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that the Birthday Girl is my Beautiful Bride, Betsy.  If you would like to wish her a Happy Birthday, you can do so by clicking HERE.

I’m trying my best to have a proper birthday celebration, so we may not have much computer time through the weekend.  But we’ll both be back on Monday.

Down Memory Lane: Our 2006 Anniversary Trip

August 19, 2010

2006 was an interesting year for Betsy and me.  My job ended since I didn’t want to move to Memphis and so I retired instead.

Retirement made it possible for us to celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip, which we did for the first time.  Our friends Judy and Charlie invited us to their cabin near Franklin, North Carolina.  Since Franklin is in the heart of the mountains of western North Carolina and there are many waterfalls to visit, we quickly accepted their invitation.

During our visit to North Carolina we visited  waterfalls near Cherokee, North Carolina, at Deep Creek in the Smokies, in the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina.  We also stopped by a couple more waterfalls on our way home.

All in all it was a very successful trip.

To see these pictures and more of the waterfalls we visited, click HERE.

There Are Lots of Good People Around

May 10, 2010

Anniversary Party for my Parents at Their Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee. May 4, 2010.

I imagine that many of you have heard about the serious flooding that occurred last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.  My parents live near Nashville in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Sunday, May 2, was my mother’s 90th birthday.  My sister and I had arranged for the altar flowers to honor both Mom and my parents’ 70th anniversary, which was on Wednesday, May 5.  Because of the high water my parents couldn’t get to church, and a party that had been planned for them Sunday evening also had to be cancelled.

But it takes more than a flood to keep good people down.  On Tuesday our friend Judy and a Sunday School class of young adults who have adopted Mom and Dad prepared a surprise anniversary party for my folks.  About 50 people managed to get to the church at noon on Tuesday for the celebration.

My parents are in the lower left-hand corner of the picture above.  Judy, who helped arrange the party, is the woman in green at the extreme right.  The young adults (with their children) belong to the Sunday School class that ‘adopted’ Mom and Dad.  Judy’s husband Charlie took the pictures.

Dad Singing Mom's Song, Hendersonville, Tennessee. May 4, 2010.

One of the high points of the party was when Dad sang a song he made up for Mom many years ago.  I really don’t know when he ‘wrote’ it — I first heard it on their 50th anniversary.  Charlie said there  wasn’t a dry female eye in the place after Dad sang.  Not bad for a singer who is almost 98!

99 Months and Counting

September 24, 2009
The bride and groom, Knoxville, Tennessee.  June 23, 2001.

The bride and groom, Knoxville, Tennessee. June 23, 2001.

I married the beautiful woman above 99 months ago.  We  had a whirl-wind romance — we met in January, had our first date in March and were married in June.  But it was obvious that God was at work in our lives.

We realized there were some disadvantages to getting married at our age — pushing 60.  One disadvantage was that we most likely wouldn’t have as many anniversaries to celebrate as we would have if we were younger.  So we decided we would celebrate monthiversaries as well.  Our monthly celebrations aren’t particularly fancy — last night we had dinner at Cracker Barrel — but it is a  a time when we can appreciate the blessings we have in one another.

We still make a bigger deal out of anniversaries, but our monthiversaries are special times for us.  Yesterday we celebrated 99 months.  We hope there are many, many more to come.

Happy Birthday, Dad

August 29, 2009
Dad with his birthday cake, Hendersonville, Tennessee.  August 28, 2009.

Dad with his birthday cake, Hendersonville, Tennessee. August 28, 2009.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

Yesterday Betsy and I went to Hendersonville to check on my parents and to help them out in any way that we can.  While we were there we wrote checks for them and  took them to do their grocery shopping.  I even helped Dad put  in a new vanity in their bathroom.  We didn’t quite get finished with the job — the rest of it will have to wait until our next trip over.

While we were there we also celebrated Dad’s 97th birthday (a day early).  We took Mom and Dad out for lunch and he got a big brownie and ice cream as a birthday treat.  Fortunately it was so big that he shared it with the rest of us.  It was delicious.

When we got back to their house, a member of their Sunday School class called to say she wanted to come over to wish Dad a happy birthday.  She came over with a birthday hat, homemade birthday cake and a loaf of homemade bread.  The candle on the cake was supposed to be one of those candles that can’t be blown out, but Dad managed to do it.

I don’t think Dad is planning on slowing down now that he is a year older (or perhaps I should say younger).  One of the things we helped him do yesterday was order some blackberry plants.  He wants some fresh blackberries on his ice cream next spring!

Happy birthday, Dad.

Celebrating Monthaversaries

August 24, 2008
Our wedding day -- June 23, 2001.

Our wedding day -- June 23, 2001.

Since I was 59 when Betsy and I got married, we realized we probably wouldn’t have as many anniversaries as some couples do. (Mom and Dad celebrated their 68th anniversary this past May!). So we decided to celebrate monthaversaries on the 23rd of each month as well as anniversaries.

Our celebration usually consists of going out for dinner. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant — just something to remind us of how fortunate we are and how much we have to celebrate.

Yesterday we celebrated our 86th monthaversary by going to Cookeville and eating at the Golden Corral Restaurant (Betsy just loves the cheese-garlic biscuits and the peanut butter cookies). Since we’re both senior citizens the cost was very reasonable and the air conditioning in the car on the drive over gave us a chance to get a break from the hot weather.

It wasn’t a spectacular celebration, but it was definitely special. I’m already looking forward to our next monthaversary celebration.