My World: Iris in Bloom

Floor Show Iris, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  Octoer 12, 2009.

Floor Show Iris, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. Octoer 12, 2009.

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We woke up to rain Monday morning and a nice surprise in our garden — the iris in the picture above, Floor Show, was blooming.  We have several reblooming iris and their colorful blooms are a nice addition to this time of the year.


Betsy and I are leaving this morning for a couple of days in northern Georgia.  They are releasing water from the dam above Tallulah Gorge on Wednesday and we want to be there to see what the waterfalls looked like before the dam was built.  We’ve had this trip planned for several weeks.

Then on Friday we are going to Jacksonville for Ray’s (Betsy’s brother) memorial service.  We will get back home on Sunday and then on the following Tuesday I will take Betsy to Maggie Valley, North Carolina, for her getaway with her grade school girlfriends.

I can visit you using my iPod Touch, but unless I can pry Betsy’s laptop from her, I don’t think I’ll be able to post for much of that time.  But don’t give up on me — I’ll be back as soon as possible.

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16 Responses to “My World: Iris in Bloom”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Wow sounds like you all have a busy few days ahead. That iris is very pretty George, I had no ideal they even bloomed this time of year. Hope you guys have a safe trip. =)

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Have a great trip and may you have safe driving through the beautiful mountains.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Absolutely beautiful iris. I have never seen such a pretty iris. Thanks for sharing and brightening the rainy day here!

  4. Susie Says:

    How nice to see that iris in your yard this time of the year George! Hope you guys have safe travels and good times while away.

  5. MaryBeth Says:

    the Iris with raindrops is excellent.

    Have a nice trip and hope Betsy will have fun again with her school chums. We will be here when you get back. MB

  6. Mary Says:

    What an unusual color combination. Iris at this time of year seem so strange!

  7. Suz Says:

    This is gorgeous. Safe travels for you both!

  8. Karen Says:

    Love the iris. Have a safe trip.

  9. Becky Says:

    Beautiful iris…and we need to see you in some of Betsy’s photos…Have a wonderful trip!!!

  10. Tricia Says:

    Hope ya’ll have a safe & fun trip! Beautiful iris photo!

  11. imac Says:

    Thats a beauty George, your’re as bad as me, away
    Enjoy yourselves.

  12. lavoice Says:

    George, take care and thanks for dropping by even on your vacation.

  13. Carletta Says:

    Safe travels George!

  14. Judy Says:

    Stunning!! Drive safe!!

  15. Happily Retired Gal Says:

    Wow … an iris in October??? Absolutely beautiful photo ;–)
    My thoughts & prayers are with you and Betsy as you travel to be with family and remember her brother.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Rose Says:

    Betsy mentioned these in the spring and I had been wondering if they had bloomed again…nice to see this.

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