Scenic Sunday # 69: Cheoah Lake


Cheoah Lake and Dam, Graham County, North Carolina. October 13, 2009.

This is my post for the Scenic Sunday meme, which shares beautiful scenes from around the world.  To see more Scenic Sunday posts, or to join and show your own pictures, click HERE.

Last month Betsy and I drove The Tail of the Dragon on our way to Georgia.  The Tail of the Dragon is an 11-mile stretch of U. S. 129 which is considered by many to be one of the world’s best motorcycling and sports car roads.  The Tail of the Dragon gets its name from the 318 tight curves on the 11-mile stretch.

The Tail of the Dragon takes drivers through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  After crossing into North Carolina we turned onto North Carolina 28, which continued to offer some beautiful scenery, even if it did have fewer curves.

The picture above was taken at a turnout overlooking Cheoah Lake in North Carolina.  Near the center of the picture is Cheoah Dam, which forms the lake on the Little Tennessee River.  The Cheoah Dam was featured in the Harrison Ford movie The Fugitive.  This is the dam that Ford jumped off to escape near the beginning of the movie.

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13 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 69: Cheoah Lake”

  1. imac Says:

    Beautiful photo with interesting info George.

    “”who’s a little cutie then””lol.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Looks like a beautiful place for a drive. The lake scene is pretty.

  3. Rose Says:

    Beautiful photo…and the road sounds like fun!

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    Tail of the Dragon–I love the name. Nice pic. MB

  5. NCMountainwoman Says:

    I’ve been on the Tail of the Dragon many times and every time I have been very frightened by the motorcyclists leaning into my lane as they round the curves. Nice photograph.

  6. Karin Says:

    You do pick the loveliest places to visit! So glad you share your photos – it’s a wonderful travelogue for moi!!

  7. Suz Says:

    That is an amazing photo…a beautiful Dam!
    So, did Mrs. P love the tail of the dragon???

  8. Carletta Says:

    Lovely shot!
    Wonderful reflection of the sky in the water.

  9. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: The mountains sure have great places to gather the water for lakes.

  10. Karen Says:

    Ah nice photo.
    I’ll have to drive my Vette there one day. 🙂

  11. Mary Says:

    Mentioned this to my sports car driving hubby and he knew exactly where I was talking about! He would love driving it.

  12. Cheryl Says:

    Like the name of the highway. How did Mrs. P handle it??

  13. storyteller at Sacred Ruminations Says:

    You and Betsy take the most wonderful trips together and always return with wonderful photos and stories to share 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

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