Memories of a Smokies Autumn


Betsy along Little River in the Smokies. October, 2002.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees around our house, so in many ways the pretty part of autumn is just about over for us.  But I’m not sure which season is going to follow — the temperatures were in the mid-70s Sunday.  That’s entirely too warm to be raking leaves!  Some of our blogger friends have been complaining about the temperatures in Florida.  I think they must have sent that warm weather our way.  I’m going to try to send it back!

Although most of our leaves are gone, we still have many memories of of beautiful autumn colors from years past.  In October of 2002 Betsy and I spent a long weekend in the Smokies.  Of course we checked out some waterfalls, but we also enjoyed some wonderful autumn colors.

In the picture above my favorite tree hugger is making a tree along Little River very happy.  To see more of autumn in the Smokies click HERE.



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13 Responses to “Memories of a Smokies Autumn”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You know it has been really warm. Heck it has been in the 80’s. We’ve had to open the windows and turn fans on. Refuse to turn the a/c back on.

  2. Susie Says:

    Your words are so sweet George! That’s a cute pic of Betsy!

  3. Mary Says:

    We’ve been having the same warm temps as you….sort of scary making you wonder what is going to come this winter, but I’ll enjoy it while I can! Nice photo of Betsy.

  4. Suz Says:

    What a great shot George. And oh, I would give just about anything for a day in the 70’s!!! If you complain…I will send you some 80’s. 🙂
    I am tight with Mother Nature…but I guess not tight enough to control my own weather!!

  5. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Okay. First it was too windy to rake the leaves. Then it was too wet to rake the leaves. Now it’s too warm to rake the leaves. See a pattern here, George?

    I always knew Betsy was a tree hugger. Great photograph. Looks like we’re all going to get some rain.

  6. Tricia Says:

    You won’t hear me complain about 70’s weather! No way jose! I LOVE IT!
    Great memory shot of Betsy, btw!

  7. imac Says:

    Its so nice to see you and Betsy enjoying life George.
    Wonderful photos – wonderful memories.

  8. Karen Says:

    The last couple of days have been warm here to. It was warmer outside the house than inside!! I did get to give my car a well needed wash!

  9. Cheryl Says:

    What a lovely photo of your adorable “tree-hugger”!

  10. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: We have also been warm the last couple of days but I welcome the Indian Summer after our cold snap.

  11. MaryBeth Says:

    Memories are what keep us going. MB

  12. storyteller at Small Reflections Says:

    Love this photo and the associated memories 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Karin Says:

    Anytime you’re tired of your weather send it up to Canada! Love your gorgeous tree hugger! Can tell that you do too! LOL

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