Watery Wednesday: The Antigua Coast

The Coast of Antigua from an old British blockhouse. September 12, 2001.

This is my post for Watery Wednesday.  To see more of our beautiful watery world, or to join and post your own pictures to share, click HERE.

One advantage of winter days is that there is not a great of yard work to be done.  That allows me to spend more time at my computer, catching up on projects that have been on my to-do list and reliving memories.

The picture above was taken on the coast of Antigua in the Caribbean.  Both Betsy and I really liked this island.  An old blockhouse, where the picture was taken, is in a dry, almost desert-like setting.  And yet we could look out over that incredibly blue ocean.

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16 Responses to “Watery Wednesday: The Antigua Coast”

  1. Jossie Says:

    A stunning view. Wonderful!

  2. Darla Says:

    How beautiful and blue is that water!! Ya’ll have been blessed with some great adventures!

  3. busy bee suz Says:

    This is so beautiful. I would love to visit in person!!!

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    The blockhouse certaintly is in the right place to see the enemies when they approach from the water side.
    Excellent watery view. MB

  5. Becky Says:

    So many beautiful places in this magnificent world!!!

  6. Rose Says:

    Beautiful view, George!

  7. Happyone Says:

    I was just there a few weeks ago!! My favorite island was St Croix.
    Lovely photo!

  8. happilyretired Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL watery view! Mine is a little up close and personal at Small Reflections this morning. LOL
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Cheryl Says:

    I do love Antigua as that is where Mark and I were married! It is so gorgeous. We took a catamaran trip around the entire island, visited a secluded cove for snorkeling and lunch. Antigua has 365 beaches, as the natives say “one for every day”!

  10. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Wow!! How stunning! The water is so blue, did you go in it? Sadly, I don’t know what a blockhouse is. What did you do in the blockhouse and did you take any pictures of it? Did people watch for the enemy there?

  11. imac Says:

    Glad you both are enjoying life George.

  12. ewok1993 Says:

    Beautiful! Dreams are made of this. Stay warm.

  13. Tricia Says:

    Oh I love island photos – Tropical climates! I’d love to go some place like this one day!!! Beautiful photo, George!

  14. Hilda Says:

    Yes, amazing difference between the brown land and the wonderful blue water! The coastline is very interesting too!

  15. Carletta Says:

    It must have been heavenly to stand there and look out over that scene -its beautiful!
    Darla is right – you and Betsy have truly been blessed with beauty wherever you go. 🙂

  16. kirigalpoththa Says:

    Stunning scenery!

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