Watery Wednesday # 80: Byrd Creek Dam

Byrd Creek Dam, Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, Tennessee. March 23, 2010.

This is my post for Watery Wednesday.  To see more of our beautiful watery world, or to join and post your own pictures to share, click HERE.

The structure in the photo is Byrd Creek Dam in Cumberland Mountain State Park near Crossville, Tennessee.  The dam was built by the CCC in the 1930s and is the largest masonry structure built by them.  The dam includes a bridge supported by the seven arches above the dam proper.

Betsy and I went to Cumberland State Park to have dinner at restaurant, but it was closed for dinner.  They’re still on their winter schedule until April 1.  We celebrated our monthaversary at another restaurant in town.

We had a beautiful day on the Plateau and we made the most of it by working in the yard.


Today I’m thankful for the beauty of blue skies.

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13 Responses to “Watery Wednesday # 80: Byrd Creek Dam”

  1. Susie Says:

    I like the reflection in the water George. Glad you guys had a great day!

  2. busy bee suz Says:

    I LOVE the reflection of this on the water. So pretty!

  3. Rose Says:

    I told Betsy, I LOVE that bridge/dam….I just love anything like bridges, doors, windows with arches.

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    thanks for the info on the dam. I had asked Betsy about it and here you are explaining it all. It is very unique what with the stone upon stone. Harking back to the days of the CCCs and the WPA. Excellent. MB

  5. Happyone Says:

    That is a great picture. I really like the arches and the reflection too.

  6. imac Says:

    Rib Steak Jacket Pot and salad eh George, sounds good to me.
    Nice shot too, as I love reflections.

  7. Terri Says:

    Love the creative reflections.

  8. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    I just saw some of these pictures in Betsy’s post. But the way you’ve coordinated it is nice. Where Betsy’s features the reflections more, yours shows up the structure itself, so I can get this from both perspectives. Funny how different people can look at the same thing and see something different. You and Betsy are a great team!!

  9. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    This is a very unique picture.I love the reflections.

  10. Kirigalpoththa Says:

    Lovely reflection!

  11. Linnea Says:

    Oh this is beautiful. I love the arches and how they’re reflected in the still water. Thanks for your visit to my WW.

  12. Carletta Says:

    Love the reflection as well George!
    There was once a similar but smaller bridge/dam where my Grandfather took us swimming and fishing. I was disheartened to find it completely demolished when I moved back to WV.
    This is a postcard shot for sure!

  13. Mary Says:

    I like this photo! What a great looking dam and you captured such a nice reflection as well.

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