My World: Rural Tennessee

Northern Cumberland County, Tennessee. June 27, 2010.

This is my post for the My World meme.  It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Wren, and Fishing Guy.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

We live on the Cumberland Plateau, which is the world’s longest hardwood-forested plateau.  The plateau is primarily rural — Crossville (our post office address) is one of the largest towns on the plateau with nearly 12,000 people.

It’s fairly easy to get away from ‘civilization’ here on the plateau.  Sunday Betsy and I went on a ride away from Crossville and soon found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.  But it was beautiful afternoon with lots of fluffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky.  We stopped along a farm road to enjoy this view across a field.  The two horses under the tree just completed the picture of ‘our’ Tennessee home.

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22 Responses to “My World: Rural Tennessee”

  1. Mildred Says:

    What a perfect day for sightseeing. Just a beautiful, peaceful scene you have captured.

  2. Susie Says:

    I love finding myself in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes that turns out to be the prettiest places that one might not know exists.

  3. Karin Says:

    The middle of nowhere sounds like an adventure I would like about now! Hubby is a destination kind of guy, me, I love to stop and view the scenery! Now that I drive more, I make sure we stop to look, listen, draw in deeps breaths and simply enjoy!

  4. Mary Says:

    Lovely photo! Sometimes those drives into the middle of nowhere are the most fun 🙂 Just getting out and seeing God’s gorgeous world is worth a drive any day! That looks like a great area and I hope to get down there one of these days.

  5. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    Oh, what a beautiful feeling this photo gives me.
    Glad you were able to get ‘out’ this past weekend.
    Take care, Suz

  6. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Marvelous photo! Love the beautiful skies and all the green! It’s always such fun to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty in “the middle of nowhere. Seattle is a lovely city, but there are all the distractions of city life and it’s wonderful to get away for a bit. Great post for the day, George! Enjoy your week!


  7. Darla Says:


  8. imac Says:

    Nioce country side George.

  9. MaryBeth Says:

    Beautiful countryside, George. You do live in a great area—ain’t life wonderful. MB

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Such beauty around you. And I appreciate your sharing it with us with your beautiful photos.

  11. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful landscape. Very scenic place.

  12. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Sometimes the middle of nowhere holds the best surprises. Beautiful photograph.

  13. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    What a beautiful day for a drive, and I can see the white horse there!

  14. Gwendolyn Says:

    This is a very nice and peaceful photo. It is nice to get away and go out to the middle of nowhere. It’s good for the soul. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Rose Says:

    We have skies like that today…and I sure am enjoying them.

  16. Kathy Ariano Says:

    Getting lost on country roads is a real treat and a gift!

  17. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    This is a beautiful rural scene.It is great to get out of town and enjoy the country life,at least for a while.Jake and I do this often.

  18. Carletta Says:

    Just the kind of skies I love when Hubs and I are out driving. I tell him I need a good sky as a backdrop for whatever photo I take. 🙂
    Lovely composition George.

  19. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: It is a beautiful part of the world with great views.

  20. Judy Says:

    That is an idyllic patch of countryside, indeed!!

  21. Linnea Says:

    It really looks like a painting, You do live in a beautiful area and you always portray it so well in your photos and stories!

  22. Indrani Says:

    Lovely shot.
    What a great place.

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