It’s That Time of Year

Wood delivered to our house. September 15, 2010.

In her blog Wednesday, Betsy told about the chimney sweep who came to give our chimney its annual cleaning.

Yesterday the reason for needing our chimney cleaned was delivered.  A dump truck dumped a load of firewood in our side yard.  It seems strange that firewood was delivered on the hottest day we’ve had all week, but that’s the way it worked out.  Now I’ll get to keep warm by stacking it.

This is actually wood that we will burn next year.  We purchase our wood a year in an advance so that we can season it and it will burn well.  We do go through quite a bit of firewood each year.  Our fireplace is in the Great Room and puts out enough heat to keep that room nice and toasty even on the coldest nights.

Wood that has been stacked and ready for use this year. September 15, 2010.

The picture above shows our wood pile with the wood we will burn this year.  I’ll have to split some of the thicker pieces so they will burn to the satisfaction of my Beautiful Bride, so this wood will warm me twice — once when I split it and once when I burn it.

Oh, well, Betsy is happy that this wood will keep me out of trouble for a few days at least.

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14 Responses to “It’s That Time of Year”

  1. Sandra Says:

    that is a lot of stacking for you and a lot of splitting but will be worth it all when sitting in front of a roaring fire. your days that you will need it are not far off. nothing like planning ahead. great idea to let it sit and get ready for your beautiful bride.

  2. Neal Says:

    I love to cut wood with a chain saw (if it’s sharp 🙂 ). It’s funny because we have a gas fireplace and I’ve had it lit one time in the 17 years we’ve been here. We also have a wood burning insert in the basement and I’ve had a fire in it 5-6 times in those years.

  3. Mildred Says:

    That’s a lot of wood but I know how much you two will enjoy a cozy fire this winter.

  4. Pam Says:

    I remember the days of chopping and splitting wood for our fireplace, George. It was good exercise… when we were a lot younger!
    But its wonderful to smell the wood burning in the fall… I sure do miss that.
    Oh well, its a trade-off we no longer have to shovel snow in the winter.

  5. NCMountainwoman Says:

    They always say the wood warms you twice. Our neighbors burn wood and sometimes I go over for morning coffee just to enjoy the fire. Our gas logs will do it for me in the evenings, but that crisp morning air demands a REAL fire.

  6. busy bee suz Says:

    Someone has a lot of work ahead of him!!!
    Good luck George!

  7. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    The wood should actually keep you warm three times, the third being when you get a big hug from Betsy for doing all that work! I guess you will never freeze when you lose elictricity in a storm!

  8. Linda G. Says:

    We have a wood pile, too, but smaller than yours. We don’t have a fireplace, but we do enjoy having a camp fire in our back yard from time to time.

  9. MaryBeth Says:

    Ha ha–I like your sense of humor.
    That is a lot of wood for you to be handling. There is a lot of satisfaction in stacking it just right though, don’t you think. I have a wood stove in the kitchen and it sure does warm almost everywhere. I do have a fireplace in the front room and I wish it was the heat-a-lator type. The heat just goes right up the chimney so I don’t use it a lot.
    Ok, start stacking!!! MB

  10. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    Looks like you have your work cut out for you,or in this case,cut down for you.:)

  11. happyone Says:

    Such a nice neat and tidy stack of wood. We have gas fireplace so no need for firewood though it would be nice to have a real one!

  12. Rose Says:

    I was just reading a book of Charles Kuralt…from his Sunday morning show. And the first one I read was about woodpiles and how they are a thing of beauty…and how burning wood warms you twice…actually sometimes three in my opinion…first in cutting down the tree and cutting it to length, second, when you split it, and last when it is burned.

  13. Kathy Ariano Says:

    We buy our wood from a harvester who not only delivers it, but stacks it as well. (Bless him!) We generally go through two to three cords a year — have a cast iron, wood-burning stove on our passive solar sun porch. When it gets going it heats almost all of the first floor.

  14. Judy Says:

    And we all know how much trouble you can get into, right?! 😉

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