My World: Hints of Autumn

Berries on our dogwood tree, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. September 15, 2010.

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This has been an exceptionally hot summer here on the Plateau.  The record number of summer days with temperatures over 90° is 78, and we stand at 77 with two more days of summer left and highs around 90 predicted for both days.

But there is hope.  The dogwood tree in our front yard is now sporting berries, a sure sign the autumn is on the way.  The berries are a bright red, and although the leaves are trying to turn, there is now only a hint of color.

Leaves starting to show some color. September 20, 2010.

But hopefully they will turn and give us more color.  And hopefully we will also get some cooler weather in our part of the world.

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19 Responses to “My World: Hints of Autumn”

  1. Mildred Says:

    Pretty pictures George. I know our chipmunks love those red berries this time of year. Hoping we all get some cooler temps soon!

  2. Sandra Says:

    I had no idea dogwoods had these beautiful red berries. learn something new every time i go to a post, almost always. blogging is a learning experience.

  3. Susie Says:

    Nice to see some berries on your Dogwood George. Hopefully we’ll see some cooler weather to go along with them.

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    Yes Fall is here and today is the first day of that season.
    We seldom have temps in the 90s. I think we had 2 days in all of this summer. Our averages are in the low 70s. Very enjoyable–anything higher than 72 is HOT. LOL. right now we are having record rain but it isn’t cold rain and on the bright side I don’t have to water my 20+ containers. Whew!!!
    Have a good week. MB

  5. NCMountainwoman Says:

    We’ve had the same hot humid summer here. And the temperatures remain more than ten degrees above normal. Nice to see some fall changes coming our way.

  6. Becky Says:

    …gotta go look at mine!!! at least they’re beautiful

  7. Karin Says:

    Lovely tree – that dogwood – gorgeous in the spring, so showy in the fall, and a beautiful silhouette in the winter!

  8. busy bee suz Says:

    Beautiful berries with promise of beautiful color later!

  9. Darla Says:

    I should check our trees….my car read 113 yesterday afternoon!

  10. Kathy Ariano Says:

    We’ve had very, very cool nights and some cool days, although today, tomorrow and Thursday are to be warm.
    Look at the amount of berries on that dogwood! Any predictions, George, about the kind of winter we’re facing?

  11. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    I am very glad to see this picture!! Betsy has it on her blog today, but not as close up. I have some pictures of a mystery berry, and I think this is it, So I’ve solved the myetery (or rather, you have) but how annoying, I can’t find the folder with the berries in it, guess i have to go all through my picture file, argh!!

  12. happyone Says:

    Record hot temperatures here to but not today. A cool 68 degrees now. Tomorrow it is supposed to go back up to 90!!

  13. Rajesh Says:

    That is really hot. But the dogwood trees bearing berries is cool.

  14. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Your mountains are way ahead of us in the lowland.

  15. Pam Says:

    We seem to be having the same hot temps, but you have beautiful Dogwood trees getting ready to turn red and gold with cooler fall weather.
    Lucky you, George.

  16. Neal Says:

    I always liked those dogwood berries.. maybe because they remind me of fall which is my favorite season.

  17. Linda G. Says:

    Pretty pictures of the berries and the leaves. We’re beginning to see some color up here in NW Pennsylvania too. Bob says this is one of the most depressing times of the year because it means riding season is drawing to a close and the snow begins to fall soon afterward.

  18. Linnea Says:

    Happy first day of autumn to you!

  19. Rose Says:

    Our dogwood has lost so many leaves….I could not believe it when I noticed it. Temps here were wonderful today…

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