Watery Wednesday #107: James River

James River, Shirley Plantation, Virginia. June 23, 2007.

This is my post for Watery Wednesday.  To see more of our beautiful watery world, or to join and post your own pictures to share, click HERE.

This picture of the James River was taken at Shirley Plantation in Virginia.  Shirley Plantation was one of Virginia’s first plantations, founded in 1613.

At that time the James was the great transportation route of Virginia.  The first English settlement, Jamestown, was founded on the banks of the river, and the early plantations had their own wharfs to handle ships carrying both passengers and cargo.  Ocean-going ships could navigate the James as far upstream as the present-day Richmond.

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16 Responses to “Watery Wednesday #107: James River”

  1. Mildred Says:

    John, mom and dad and I visited Shirley Plantation many years ago. We enjoyed the tour so very much. This is a lovely picture you are sharing today. Thanks for the sweet memories this morning.

  2. jlshall (Joysweb) Says:

    I have that same photo! We visited Shirley Plantation about six or seven years ago when we did a little tour of the James River plantations. It’s really a beautiful place in a lovely part of Virginia. Nice shot (but then, I would think so!).

  3. Neal Says:

    Interesting. I didn’t realize that the James River was a major transportation route. Learn something every day. 🙂

  4. Susie Says:

    That’s a mighty peaceful looking river. In the olden times I don’t imagine it looked as peaceful with all the activity.

  5. MaryBeth Says:

    What a peaceful scene.
    It is hard to imagine the ships going up river anymore. We have drained and diked a lot of rivers out here–just in Stanwood alone—that 100 years ago were navigable by ship. How else did people up river get supplies. MB

  6. Sandra Says:

    these say PEACE and Quiet to me, and that is what I love

  7. Tricia Says:

    Now that looks like the perfect spot for a picnic & listen to the river flow by! Beautiful tree hanging way out like that!

  8. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    The colors in this scene are as calm and peaceful as the colors in your other blog are wild and brilliant. A blog for every mood!!

  9. happyone Says:

    Looks very calming and peaceful.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    This location looks to be so pleasant. I could imagine sitting beneath the tree with a picnic and a good book!

  11. Kim Says:

    Such peaceful scene.
    Watery Wednesday-Rain

  12. ewok1993 Says:

    what serene location. someday i hope to visit the eastern states too.

  13. Priyanka Bhowmick Says:

    very peaceful place!

  14. Debbie Says:

    I have had the priviledge of visiting the Shirly Plantation twice and loved it equally both times! Beautiful picture!
    Have a fabulous day!!

  15. Hilda Says:

    Oh wow, must be a really deep river then. Thank you for this lovely view and a very interesting snippet of American history.

  16. Kathy Ariano Says:

    So serene! Thanks, I needed that!

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