Watery Wednesday #126: Barefoot Landing Reflections

Reflections at Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. December 21, 2010.

This is my post for Watery Wednesday.  To see more of our beautiful watery world, or to join and post your own pictures to share, click HERE.

When Betsy and I visited the Carolinas in December, we stopped by Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina one evening after dinner.  The boardwalks across the lake were lighted and decorated with lights for Christmas.  Those lights, and the buildings along the far shore, created some beautiful reflections that attracted my attention.

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16 Responses to “Watery Wednesday #126: Barefoot Landing Reflections”

  1. Mildred Says:

    You captured the reflections beautifully, George.

  2. diane Says:

    It is a magical scene and well photographed. Did you use a tripod?

  3. Darla Says:

    I can see why this captured your attention….

  4. Sandra Says:

    i really really really like this one, i have enjoyed all the barefoot photos, but this is my favorite.

  5. MaryBeth Says:

    Excellent shot, George. The reflection is magical. MB

  6. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    I love reflections! And these are beautiful, George! Terrific capture for the day! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  7. Manang Kim,USA Says:

    Myrtle beach is one of the place I so wanted to visit. I’ve heard a lot of nice feedback and it made me curious. Your reflection shot is beautiful!
    Watery Wednesday

  8. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    I like the reflections better than the real thing!!

  9. jlshall (Joysweb) Says:

    What an amazing shot! Beautiful reflections on the water, and the lighting is just fantastic. I’ve never really been to South Carolina – we always just drive through on the way to somewhere else. Someday I’d like to stop and stay a while!

  10. Neal Says:

    Wow George, that is a gorgeous shot…especially when enlarged.

  11. Ruth Says:

    The light s and reflections are picture perfect.

  12. Loren Says:

    OH WOW George…the reflection is BEAUTIFUL!! Definitely one of those pictures that make you want to be there!! Badly!! LOL Right about now, I want to be anywhere that is warm and without snow HAHA but this REALLY is calling my name! Great shot!

  13. magicalmysticalteacher Says:

    Reflected light has a magical quality!


    A hunter of all kinds of water
    Had neither a son nor a daughter;
    But ocean and sea
    Provided such glee—
    He fancied adopting an otter!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Frosty Windowpane

  14. Karin Says:

    What a lovely view!

  15. sartenada Says:

    That’s so great. I love that You splendid You captured night and reflections!

  16. Rose Says:

    I would love to have seen this in person…I bet it was a beautiful sight to see.

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