Happy Fourth of July

The room in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Does the Fourth of July mean anything more than picnics, fireworks, and a day off work?  I have to admit that I sometimes wonder.  Now don’t get me wrong — I enjoy a picnic as much as anyone, and I absolutely loved a day off from work before I retired.  But even then there was something special about the Fourth of July.

This day commemorates the day when The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia in 1776.  The Declaration, containing the words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”, is one of the most profound documents in history.

It used to be that most people felt this was a pretty special country.  We learned the history of our country — the people and places.  We said the Pledge of Allegiance in school, and the Star-Spangled Banner was played at school events.  We also learned how the song came to be written.  We learned the text of the Gettysburg Address, and knew the words to “My Country Tis of Thee”, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and “America the Beautiful”.

I grew up on a farm outside a small town in Indiana.  Almost everyone in the area turned out for the Fourth of July parade, and the program before the fireworks display.  The fireworks themselves almost always included a representation of the Liberty Bell or the American flag.  We all felt we were a part of something very special.

The title of this blog is “Senior Moments”, and I’m getting more senior with each passing day.  I guess I’m rapidly becoming a curmudgeon.  If so, please forgive me.  I only wish my grandchildren realize that they, too, are part of a very special country.

I hope you all have a very wonderful — and happy — Fourth of July.

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8 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July”

  1. Sandra Says:

    great post today, George. the only memories i have of the 4th of July were we always grilled hamburgers. The Deep South did not celebrate the 4th like the north did and does, no idea why. maybe because we were to poor to celebrate. also my dad was not a believe in holidays, so that might be why

  2. Karin Says:

    We’ve enjoyed your dear country’s hospitality often and thank you! May God continue to bless your nation as people pledge their primary allegiance to HIM!

  3. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    I am thankful for the USA,our friendly neighbours.Happy 4th of July.

  4. happyone Says:

    A happy Fourth of July to you too. : )

  5. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    A terrific post for the day, George, and a wonderful reminder of all that we have to be so thankful for — every day! I do tend to look back at simpler times, the picnics and fireworks, the celebration and wish we could enjoy those things now the way we did then. But maybe that’s just my old age talking. Wishing you a wonderful, Happy 4th of July! Enjoy!


  6. Mildred Says:

    A great post and I wish you and Betsy a blessed day today!

  7. Loren Says:

    I agree with everyone…Great post George! We have much to be thankful for…such a Rich Heritage who fought for our Freedom, worked hard & so deserving of our honor and respect. Sadly, I think it has been so watered down over the years.

    I pray you had a blessed 4th and are getting rested up from your return home!

    I have taken a blog break but plan to get back at it tomorrow 🙂

  8. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Nope, you may (as am I) be getting more senior but you are far from becoming a curmudgeon.

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