My World: Before the deer came to lunch

Lollypop Lilies, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. May 29, 2011.


Note:  This was written before my mother passed away, but did not get posted.  I decided to post it today.


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We usually don’t have much trouble with deer, although there are plenty of them around the Glade.  We often see them on the golf course behind our house or in  the vacant lot below our house.  But they usually stay away from our house because we use Liquid Fence to discourage them from lunching on our flowers.

Usually, but not always.  We’ve had a very hot and dry May, and for some reason the deer appear to be more active because of the unusual weather.  We have seen them about in the middle of the afternoon, while we normally see them in the early evening.

The picture above shows our Lollypop lilies (and a Veteran’s Honor rose) in the flower bed nearest the road.  The picture was taken last Sunday — the deer came to lunch on Tuesday while we were running errands.  I didn’t have the heart to take an ‘after’ picture.

New rose bed in front of our house. May 29, 2011.

Here’s another view of the buffet the deer enjoyed.  They left the purple iris you see on the left, but munched on the roses, lilies and day lilies.  The roses will come back, and the day lilies should bloom in the fall (if we can keep the deer away).  We’ll just have to wait until next year to enjoy the lilies.

I never thought Bambi would do such a thing!

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15 Responses to “My World: Before the deer came to lunch”

  1. Mildred Says:

    That must have been heartbreaking. I know you enjoy the deer from a distance. Bambi should have better manners!!!

  2. Darla Says:

    I would have been so, so sad! This little garden is beautiful.

  3. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    The flowers are so pretty,it’s a shame that the deer decided to enjoy them as well.

  4. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    Oh, that Bambi!!!!! I am glad to not see the after photos too….the before’s are just gorgeous!!!!

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Lovely flowers in your garden.

  6. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Gorgeous flowers and I’m sorry you lost them!! But I bet they were delicious, too — if you are a Bambi! Hope you have great day, George!


  7. ladyfi Says:

    What a delightful deer buffet!

    So sorry to hear about your mother.

  8. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Well, at least you have the pictures for posterity! Poor things, they must be starving to come out in such heat in the middle of the day and get across the liquid fence! How about getting some deer food and putting it just on the other side of your property, over the liquid fence line. This way, they might get enough food and not come over.

  9. Gwen Says:

    This sure was a tastly looking meal for the deer. They are lovely. Sorry, the deer shortened your enjoyment. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weke.

  10. happyone Says:

    I guess they just couldn’t resist. Sorry they ate your beautiful flowers!!

  11. Neal Says:

    Those are gorgeous. It’s too bad the deer thought they look like a good meal. 🙂

  12. Linda G. Says:

    I know you and Betsy were quite sad to see what the deer had eaten. I had never heard of Liquid Fence. Betsy mentioned it in her blog a while back. I looked for that product at the store in which I work. We do stock it. Now whenever anyone comes in to the store and looking for something to keep the deer away from their garden, I recommend Liquid Fence 🙂

  13. Rose Says:

    At least the deer have good taste!

  14. sartenada Says:

    Lovely photo showing a piece of Paradise. 🙂

  15. Kathy Says:

    I use 2 products: Deer Scram (an granular product) and Tree Guard (a latex based product). Both are excellent or I’d have NOTHING left. And the roses will usually come back after one defoliating, but not after 2.

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