Watery Wednesday: Duck River

A small drop in the Duck River, Old Stone Fort State Park, Tennessee. August 26, 2006.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

This is my post for Watery Wednesday.  To see more of our beautiful watery world, or to join and post your own pictures to share, click HERE.

This picture, taken from my archives, shows a small drop in the Duck River at Old Stone Fort State Park, Tennessee.  We visited the park in August, during a drought.  The slow-moving water flowed through grasses before reaching the drop.  It all made for an interesting — yet pretty — scene.

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19 Responses to “Watery Wednesday: Duck River”

  1. diane Says:

    That is interesting how it flows through the grass. Pretty spot.

  2. diane Says:

    Give Betsy a hug from me.

  3. Sandra Says:

    ok so were there any ducks in that river? sorryyyyy. i just had to say that. it is a pretty place.

  4. Neal Says:

    That’s very nice. I’ve got to see where that is because I’ve never heard of that place.

  5. mary Says:

    That’s very pretty! I like the green above the water.

  6. The Incredible Woody Says:

    Love going there to walk around the loop:)

  7. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    That is very pretty. Take good care of that young lady of yours.I hear she needs a little extra loving right now.

  8. Karin Says:

    That’s a very interesting looking place! I’m wondering if one can walk on the grass right up to the drop. Very pretty photo! Would love to visit! Give my love to Betsy and hope you don’t catch the virus!

  9. Kim,usa Says:

    That is cool. And since it is called duck river there must be many ducks in there &^_^ Happy Wednesday!
    The Wedding

  10. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Oh, a beautiful scene indeed! Love the little falls! And what a great capture, George! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  11. Ms. A Says:

    A drought you say? Would this normally have much more water? It’s so beautiful with all the green surrounding it.

  12. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    So lovely! It’s like a little tiny waterfall!

  13. Happyone Says:

    That is so pretty. I bet it sounds wonderful too. I’m wondering where all the ducks are. : )

  14. Carletta Says:

    The grass makes this scene lovely!
    I hope there was a place to sit and enjoy the view.

  15. MB Says:

    Beautiful watery scene.
    Hope Betsy gets better and you don’t get what she has. MB

  16. sartenada Says:

    So beautiful place. I love it.

  17. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful scenic view.

  18. Loren Says:

    Oh wow!! There may be a drought but it is still just BEAUTIFUL! I bet it was heavenly to just sit and listen to, or maybe, Skipping rocks or fly fishing …. nah. Taking pictures is the BEST! 🙂

    GORGEOUS shot George! Thanks for sharing

  19. Rose Says:

    This is a beautiful place!

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