Busy as a Bee

A bee at work in our redbud tree, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. March 19, 2012.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

I went out late Monday afternoon with my macro lens to get some pictures of the redbud tree in our front yard.  When I got there I found that I wasn’t the only one interested in the blossoms.  There were bees all over the tree.

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. March 19, 2012.

Since I’m allergic  to bee stings I thought of beating a hasty retreat, but the bees were intent on the blossoms, and as long as I stood relatively still, they just ignored me.  So I thought I would try to get some pictures of the bees at work.

The encounter with the bees was entirely unplanned, but I think I got some pretty good pictures for the experience.  And best of all, I didn’t get stung.

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19 Responses to “Busy as a Bee”

  1. Maple Lane Says:

    The red bud trees are so pretty this time of year. Glad you did not get stung.

  2. Ms. A Says:

    Great job on both counts. (the photos and not getting stung)

  3. diane Says:

    That was brave of you to stay around when you are allergic to the sting. Lovely blossoms and good shot of the busy bee.

  4. busy bee suz Says:

    Those are really wonderful/detailed shots George.
    I love seeing the bees do their work…that is a good sign for all of us.
    So glad none of my relatives stung you!

  5. MadSnapper Says:

    bees terrify me and our powder puff the whole tree HUMS so i stay far away from it. your bees look fat and healthy to me. great shots from a brave photographer.

  6. Happyone Says:

    Enjoyed the photos. Great shots and glad you didn’t get stung!!

  7. MB Says:

    I would love a Redbud. Not very many out this way. Well the trees are in the Nursuries but they don’t do well out here. Gorgeous pics. MB

  8. Pam Says:

    I always wanted a Redbud tree..the flowers are awesome. Nice macro shots of the non-stinging bees, George.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your yard, stop by any time to view the beach 🙂

  9. Carletta Says:

    You got great results George!
    I’m allergic too and this time of year we really have to be careful.
    I’m kinda glad the blossoms are sweeter than me. 🙂

  10. dayphoto Says:

    Ahhhh Spring! A lovely season. You are sooooooooo far ahead of us. It’s nice you share with photos though!


  11. ewok1993 Says:

    oh such beautiful signs that spring has sprung.

    i would have to do that this weekend or soon.

    hope you’re having a good spring so far.

  12. Linda G. Says:

    Those bees are very busy; great shots! I’m glad that you didn’t get stung!

  13. ladyfi Says:

    What bee-autiful shots!

  14. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Nice photographs. With the problems there have been I am always happy to see active bees gathering the pollen.

  15. Judy Says:

    You got some wonderful shots!! I think I like the last one the best!!

  16. Rose Says:

    They are in full bloom around here and just so beautiful!

  17. Sartenada Says:

    What a joy for my eyes Your lovely photos are!!!

  18. Mary Says:

    Wonderful! I love Redbuds and almost missed seeing the ones here while we were in Tucson.

  19. Leovi Says:

    That photos more lovely, I love the color of those flowers.

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