SkyWatch Friday: Cumberland Plateau Evening Sky

Evening Sky in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. October 17, 2010.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

This is my post for Skywatch Friday, a meme for sharing views of the sky from all over the world.  To see more, or to join and share your own photos of the sky, click HERE.

I went to my archives for this picture of a Cumberland Plateau sunset.  I got this image on the Druid Hills Golf Course in Fairfield Glade.  The sun had already dropped below the Plateau, but there was still an orange glow along the horizon.  We were reminded once again about the beautiful place in which we live.

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17 Responses to “SkyWatch Friday: Cumberland Plateau Evening Sky”

  1. Maple Lane Says:

    I love the orange glow!

  2. Ms. A Says:

    Some amazing twists and turns in those clouds!

  3. MadSnapper Says:

    so beautiful and this should be a reminder to all of us, to look around where we live, the sun comes up on everyone but i think most people don’t SEE it like you do.

  4. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    A lovely reminder of the beauty close to home! Gorgeous skies and a terrific capture as always, George!


  5. Mary Says:

    That’s very pretty, George!

  6. Jewaicious Says:

    TN sunsets are always beautiful, even in the worst of weather. The Cumberland Plateau offers beautiful skies and landscapes.

    This is a prime example of loveliness.

  7. ladyfi Says:

    So serene and lovely.

  8. Tricia Says:

    Oh so beautiful, George! =)

  9. Rajesh Says:

    Spectacular sunset.

  10. Manang Kim (@ManangKim) Says:

    Very pretty!


  11. Tatjana Parkacheva Says:

    Beautiful sunset.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. ewok1993 Says:

    serenity. how delightful that you have something like this to pull from the archives.

    have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Karin Says:

    Loved your busy bees yesterday – and those blossoms are gorgeous! Sure glad the bees ignored you – especially if you’re allergic. Your sunset is a perfect end to anyone’s day. Blessings!

  14. Ginny Says:

    Beautiful! And congratulations on your bee post, they can bee scary to snap. I love getting bee macros, and here is the secret. Wait till they are all involved in a blossom, they will be so busy they won’t even notice you. That works every time except for once when an angry horde on a crab apple tree. chased me down the street

  15. Leovi Says:

    A delicious light, which pretty well to start the day.

  16. dayphoto Says:

    We haven’t a cloud in the sky for days now!!! Beautiful!


  17. Cheryl Says:

    Its one of those sunsets that make me sigh…happily.

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