I Promised Her a Rose Garden (11)

Crescendo rose, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. June 11, 2012.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

This is the eleventh and final post on the roses in our yard.  With this post I have shared all 55 rose varieties in our yard.  The previous posts can be found by clicking on the tag ‘Roses’ below.

Crescendo (above) is one of our newer roses.  It was Jackson & Perkins’ Rose of the Year a couple of years ago.

Memorial Day, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. June 20, 2012.

Memorial Day did actually begin blooming on Memorial Day a few years ago.  It’s a beautiful, stately bush many wonderful blossoms.

Moonstone, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. June 13, 2012.

Moonstone is one of our container roses.  The blossoms seem to get more beautiful as the rose bush ages.

Peace, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. June 20, 2012.

Peace is said to be the world’s favorite rose.  It that’s true, I can understand why.  Peace was one of the first roses we got when we started our rose garden.

Sedona rose, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. June 16, 2012.  (Photo by Betsy)

Sedona is another relatively new rose for us.  The blossoms are a beautiful red/orange at the beginning, although the color changes as the blossom ages.  This rose got its name from the colors of the Arizona desert.

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19 Responses to “I Promised Her a Rose Garden (11)”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    I honesty think your (and Betsy’s) purple rose is the first I’ve ever seen in photos, never in person.

  2. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Each one of these is a winner in my eyes. You do have a special touch with those roses.You must be saying just the right words to them,to make them grow so beautifully. 🙂

  3. bertN Says:

    We have roses in our backyard but a far cry from the 55 varieties that you have. It must be a joy spending time in your yard.

  4. Maple Lane Says:

    Each and every rose is just breathtaking, George, Thank you for sharing.

  5. sylviakirk Says:

    Gorgeous, breathtaking roses indeed! I always look forward to “rose post”, George! So much colorful beauty! Thanks as always for sharing! Hope your week is going well!

  6. Carletta Says:

    So very beautiful George!

  7. Jewaicious Says:

    What beauties. I love the varied tones, quite the delightful captures.

  8. Colin (HB) Says:

    Absolutely stunning display George. I can’t choose one more than
    the next photo. All outstanding roses. Now what’s this Arkansas
    place got that is better than your present magnificent abode and
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
    Weather report: Still perfect for August, it is August isn’t it??
    Thirty years of living here and it has taken that long for August
    to behave – ha ha!

  9. Rose Says:

    Love them all…but that Sedona I really like…I think I have favored it when you have shown it before maybe.

  10. alskamom Says:

    All of the roses are absolutely beautiful George!

  11. RedneckRosarian Says:

    Great looking blooms! Crescendo is very nice and is quite hard to find now…

  12. diane Says:

    They are all so pretty and I wish I could smell them.

  13. ZielonaMila Says:

    Roses are royal flowers, are giving much joy. I am greeting

  14. milkshakesinspring Says:

    Lovely post! I adore roses,
    I have nominated you for the Readers Appreciation Award
    Best Wishes, J xxx

  15. maryBeth Says:

    I think I love all your roses, George. They sure are beautiful. They must like you too. MB

  16. The Incredible Woody Says:

    Just beautiful! I love the colors of the Sedona!

  17. Sartenada Says:

    So beautiful roses again. My favorite is Sedona rose.

  18. Rajesh Says:

    Very beautiful roses inyour garden. Fantastic variety.

  19. A Rose Journal Says:

    So many beautiful varieties of roses in your garden, Ronald Reagan looks lovely.

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