Happy Birthday, Dad

John Emery Adams, Jr. Christmas, 1938.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Today is a very special day — my Dad is celebrating his 100th birthday.  The picture above, which he had taken for my mother when they were dating, is the earliest picture I could find.

It’s hard to imagine the changes he’s seen over the past century.  Dad was born in Texas, but his family moved to Arkansas when he was still a boy.  He remembers going to church in a horse-drawn wagon.  He was still a young teenager when he first encountered electricity.  His mother fussed at him because he kept turning a light off and on trying to figure out where the light came from.

Mom, Dad and me in 1942.

Dad met Mom in 1937 when he was in the CCC, but they had to wait until Mom was 20 in 1940 before they could get married.  They had their first child in 1942 (it’s been a long time since I had that much hair!).

Dad at Marty and Floyd’s house, Crown Point, Indiana. Approximately 1960.

Dad was always interested in gadgets.  This snapshot, taken about 1960, shows him with his 8mm movie camera at my aunt and uncle’s house.

Dad and Betsy at Amy and Matt’s wedding. June 16, 2001.

This picture shows Dad dancing with Betsy at my cousin’s wedding in 2001.  They were obviously a big hit on the dance floor.

Mom and Dad at Barren River State Park, Kentucky. August 29, 2004.

I took this picture of Mom and Dad in 2004 as we celebrated Dad’s 92nd birthday.  Mom died in June, 2011, shortly after their 71st wedding anniversary.

Dad and his new tractor in 2006.

Dad’s love of gadgets and learning things remained strong through the years.  He taught himself to use a computer when he was 90.  By the time he was 94 he decided he was too old to mow the lawn with his walking mower, so he got this riding tractor so he could continue mowing his own lawn.

Dad and Janet, Tullahoma, Tennessee. July 4, 2012.

This picture of Dad with my sister Janet is the most recent picture I have.  Dad now lives with Janet in Tullahoma, Tennessee.


Dad conversing with a guest at his birthday celebration, Hendersonville, Tennessee. August 25, 2012.

We celebrated Dad’s birthday a few days early with a reception at his church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  Quite a few friends from the church — as well as family members — came to see Dad and wish him a happy birthday.  In the picture above Dad is talking with a church member he hadn’t seen in over a year.  The woman on the right is his niece, who came down from Indiana with her family to see Dad.

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24 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad”

  1. ZielonaMila Says:

    Nice photographs, nteresujące look for life. I am greeting

  2. Ms. A Says:

    Great photos, George! Happy 100th Birthday Dad Adams!

  3. Linda Relindis Says:

    I’ve come over to visit from Betsy’s blog. It’s very moving to see the photos over the years of your dear Dad. God bless him and all of you on this special celebration day.

  4. Colin (HB) Says:

    Great photos and memories. Your Dad is a marvel.
    I have looked at Betsy’s report also and sent an e-mail.
    I am sure that your Dad, Mr.Adams (Snr) enjoyed the occasion.
    Cheers and well done by all the family members involved.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

  5. Maple Lane Says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad. May God bless.

  6. diane Says:

    A great tribute to a wonderful man. Mowing his own lawn in his nineties unbelievable. You are lucky to have such long living parents. 72 years married..WOW! He is lucky to have Janet to care for him too.

  7. Linda G. Says:

    I enjoyed reading your dad’s history. It is quite an accomplishment living to be 100 years old. Did he get a letter from the President? Happy birthday Dad Adams!

  8. MadSnapper Says:

    i really enjoyed looking at all the different photos in different years. he was and is an amazing man. had to smile at him on that riding mower. daddy was born Oct 1913 so if he had lived he would be 99 and was very much like your dad

  9. The Incredible Woody Says:

    What a special day for a very special man! I marvel when I think about all that he has seen in his lifetime!

  10. busy bee suz Says:

    I love this post so much! Your father has seen it all I am sure he is full of wonderful stories from such a well lived life! He is to be admired.
    Happy birthday to Dad Adams!

  11. maryBeth Says:

    Wonderful memories and pictures. What a special guy your dad is and a sweet lady, your Mom.
    I can see the love and pride in your words.
    Happy Birthday, Dad Adams.

  12. alskamom Says:

    This is such a lovely post and the photos are wonderful!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this, George!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  13. Carletta Says:

    Wow George! Your Dad has enjoyed a long and wonderful life.
    I hope his 101 year of life is filled with many more blessings.
    Lovely post!

  14. Lucja-Maria Says:

    Hello George!
    It’s such a nice, sensitive, family celebration!
    100 years old for Dad Adams!
    Great pictures.
    Reading, very shrugged.
    I cordially greet.

  15. ladyfi Says:

    100 years – wow! Wishing him a wonderful day.

  16. rhiebert Says:

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing these glimpses into the life of a very special man.

  17. Rose Says:

    I really enjoyed this post and all the pictures….your dad (and mom, too really) sure did live through a lot of history.

  18. Sally Wessely Says:

    Your father is an amazing man. Congratulations to him. Thanks for sharing this story of his life.

  19. Grandma Bonnie Says:

    Congratulations to your dad! I am stopping by from Betsy’s Blog. Those are some awesome memories. I am looking forward to reading more. Hope you have a great day!

  20. Andrea Says:

    Congratulations George for having exceptional genes for long life, it is a very rare blessing. Who is living with your dad to help him in the household?

  21. Sartenada Says:

    How nice George.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad and to all the family and relatives. He is yet so good looking and I saw that he must be a very positive person. Positive attitude is one secret of long life. In Finland we call the man at high age “steel grandpa”.

    My mother died at the age of 93 in this month, on Saturday 11th.

    I wish all the good for to You all!

  22. Karin Says:

    What a fabulous memory album and a great tribute to your amazing dad! I trust he had an amazing day and that in the year ahead he will enjoy good health, joy, and love every new day. God bless!

  23. Neal Says:

    Amazing story…thanks for sharing.

  24. Tricia Says:

    A great big HAPPY HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY, Mr Adams… God bless him! =)

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