I Think Betsy Is House-Hunting


(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Betsy and I traveled to Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving with my son Robert and his family.  Afterward we came home by way of our favorite beach in North Carolina.  As we usually do, we traveled by back roads and found interesting places to visit whenever possible along the way.

I didn’t get suspicious at first — after all, this was our normal routine.  But then I realized that Betsy was having me take her picture in front of some of the homes we saw along the way.

The first house she seemed interested in was the Biltmore house near Asheville, North Carolina, as you can see in the photo above.
We’ve been there many times, but this time Betsy commented on just how huge the house seemed to be.  I’m inclined to agree with her.

We stopped by the Hampton Plantation State Park near Georgetown, South Carolina, where Betsy sat on the front steps of the Rutledge Mansion, named after the last owner of the house.

Although the house is very nice, it is somewhat in ‘the middle of nowhere’. which I think is a disadvantage as far as my Beautiful Bride is concerned.

I think Betsy found her ‘dream house’ when we visited the McLeod Plantation on James Island, Charleston, South Carolina.  She had her picture taken on the back porch of the house ….

… as well as on the steps of the front of the house.

I wonder if I need to think about moving?

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13 Responses to “I Think Betsy Is House-Hunting”

  1. Larry Says:

    I think she would miss her Tennessee mountain home at one of those places.

  2. dayphoto Says:

    I would love to live in any one of these! And in the south…where winter is mild!


  3. ewok1993 Says:

    I think it’s love at first sight with the house!

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. rhiebert Says:

    Beautiful old homes.I really think Betsy has her root deep in the place you now call homes you don’t have to start packing just yet.

  5. Betsy Adams Says:

    Hi Honey, I think your friends (above comments) are correct when they say that my roots are right here in Tennessee… However, it’s nice to visit those beautiful old homes… IF I were to have one of them, I’d need a huge staff of people working there just to keep it clean…. ha


  6. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Some of these houses are so huge that Betsy is dwarfed sitting on the steps! Well, maybe not move, but how about a second summer home? LOVE the shadows of the branches on the ground. Am I missing your second blog, or are you not posting on it anymore? Seems I almost never get notifications of your post.

  7. Sartenada Says:

    Amazing houses. They are like castles!

  8. Jeevan Says:

    Great houses to look and shoot around! The Biltmore house is magnificent and absolutely Betsy made lovely presence in front of them. The one with rocking chair is too good.

  9. small kucing Says:

    LOL… House hunting? Hmm… I think no. She will miss the wonderful view you have at your current home

  10. Linda, Shenandoah Valley Says:

    Those are big houses, George! Perhaps you could afford one, but how about the servants needed to keep it up? 😉

  11. bertN Says:

    Good luck house hunting. Have a great New Year!

  12. Cecilia Mary Gunther Says:

    What a stunning drive home – i must get down that way one day! c

  13. Lrong Says:

    Hahaha… this post brought a smile to my face… ‘house-hunting’ sounds ‘titillating’… 🙂

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