Searching For New Waterfalls in the Smokies

It was hot yesterday (Sunday) here on the Plateau, so I took advantage of that great excuse to stay indoors as much as possible.  One of the things I did was work through some pictures we had taken earlier this year, but which I had not yet had a chance to organize into albums.

One day in April Betsy and I drove to the Smokies to search for some small waterfalls that Betsy had found on the internet.  One (Whiteoak Flats Branch Falls)we had seen from Little River Road, but Betsy found that there were a couple of small cascades above the base that could be seen from the road.

We found a couple of new small waterfalls, Rush Branch Falls, near the Townsend Entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Cane Creek Twin Falls along Little River Road.

We didn’t find Meigs Creek Cascade.  We hiked the trail that leads to the cascade, but we didn’t go far enough to reach the cascades.  That experience led us to invest in a hiking GPS unit.  We’ll probably go back there some time in the future.

The nicest waterfall we found on this visit was Mannis Branch Falls.  We must have gone right past it a dozen times — it’s just off Little River Road, but you need to take a short walk to the river to see the falls.

To see more of our visit to the Smokies click HERE.

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