Keeping Up With the Kids


Yesterday was a  big day for Betsy and me.  We finally caught up with a couple of the kids as far as technology is concerned.

When we visited Betsy’s son Mark and family in Texas earlier this year, we were very impressed with their DVR.  Not only could they record television  shows to view later, they could pause a show to answer the phone and then catch up (skipping over the commercials in the process), and do all kinds of other neat things.

As I said, we were impressed, but we decided we really didn’t need it.  However the subject of a DVR kept popping every once in a while.  We kept missing a favorite show when we went Hendersonville to see my parents, and then two of our favorite shows from last season were scheduled against each other this season.  So we decided that perhaps we could use a DVR after all.

We’ve had DirecTV for several years now and Betsy was able to get us a ‘deal’ by contacting them.  The technician came out yesterday and installed our DVR.  The only thing I wonder about now is if Betsy will want to get a TV as large as Mark’s?

Now that I think of it, we’re  not doing too badly on the technology front for a couple of senior citizens.  We each have our iMac, and when Betsy got her laptop we converted to a wireless network in the house.  And I do have an iPod Touch which is pretty neat technology.

As I said, I think we do a pretty good job of keeping up with the kids.  But now that I think of it, my son does have an iPhone . . .

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13 Responses to “Keeping Up With the Kids”

  1. imac Says:

    Well done George, better than me then, Ive no ipod or a new DVD, lol.
    About the larger TV – go for it, Im thinking about one, but the cash seems to pay our holls, gosh its hard to pick, but the holls wins every time, oh well.

  2. busy bee suz Says:

    very funny George!!!
    We have had TIVO for about 5 years and it is amazing. The coach refuses to watch ANY commercials and i am spoiled by watching my shows when I want to now. You will enjoy this too.
    I love that you guys are keeping up with the JOnes’s…I mean, the KIDS!!!

  3. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Good move. Now you definitely need to get the big screen so Betsy can really enjoy the Titans!

    I recently got an iTouch after my first generation iPod quit holding a charge. I really like it (except for the overly sensitive key pad) and I’m always amazed that I can use the Internet anywhere I’m in a hot spot. Your iTouch has all the features of the iPhone except that it isn’t a phone. I use my iPod several hours a day and my cell phone maybe once a week so I decided not to get the iPhone.

  4. mountain.mama Says:

    You are doing great on the technology side of things! I’ve been coveting an iPhone lately, I mean thinking about how fun it would be to have one…..

  5. Karin Says:

    I’ve been saying that should I ever need to go into a nursing home, they had better have wireless for my laptop!! For some reason I don’t want an iPod yet. I would have to be convinced that I would use it often enough. I don’t even want a cell phone. I guess 3 years of constantly having to be at everyone’s beck and call when I was manager of 2 Manors, has totally turned me off even carrying a phone. When I retired I passed the torch, rather phone, on to the next manager and I have not missed it ONE moment! I take such joy in knowing I don’t have one. You are pretty much keeping up with the kids George! Good 4u!

  6. Carletta Says:

    You are going to be spoiled! 🙂
    You got what we have and I so enjoy sitting down to watch a show I recorded, scroll through the commercials, and watch it in half the time.
    My son has an iPhone he showed me when I visited a couple of weeks ago. If I were still working and trying to keep track of so many things I would go to the expense and have one – so cool! 🙂

  7. MaryBeth Says:

    Well I have caught up as much as I want to be so far. Not as far as you guys but I am happy with what I have. Too dumb not to know any better. LOL!!!
    There is a new blog up where you can show case your beautiful flowers. Give it a try. The are nice people too. MB

  8. Karen Says:

    It is hard to keep up with all the new technology out there. It’s fun trying though!

  9. Rose Says:

    You will so enjoy it…I don’t have exactly what you have but I can record, and skip through the commercials later. Sometimes then it is disappointing to watch actual tv. I will want to skip through and find that I can’t.

  10. Neal Says:

    I have Uverse from ATT as my cable and it comes with a DVR. I use it a lot. I have it set to record all of some old shows. I like Uverse because I can program it remotely. For example, if I’m in TN and decide I want to record something I can log onto my ATT account at Yahoo and tell the DVR to record it.

  11. Kathy Says:

    Well you have beaten me in tech stuff. I rarely watch TV so hubby does all the stuff with the dvd player. I have not the foggiest ideal how to use it.,

  12. fishing guy Says:

    George: Hi-tech for sure, you two are really advancing.

  13. Mary Says:

    DVR is really nice. Ours is part of our cable package and I use it to tape and watch tennis shows that are on during church or late at night, and Mike tapes a lot of races for later enjoyment. Sure beats being tied to a certain time frame all the time! I think that our generation of seniors will always be more high tech than the last generation, but we may never keep up with the younger ones!

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