Down Memory Lane: Hen Wallow Falls

Scenes from our hike to Hen Wallow Falls. March 27, 2009.

Betsy and I visited Serenity Falls for the first time in March, 2009.  In addition to the time we spent at the cabin enjoying the waterfall right there, we also got to enjoy the  Cosby, Tennessee, side of the Smokies.

The area around Cosby is often referred to as the ‘Quiet Side of the Smokies’ because most visitors head toward Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  In many ways it seems possible to enjoy the beauty of nature more because there are fewer distractions.

Hen Wallow Falls is one of the taller waterfalls on the Cosby side of the Smokies and the hike to the waterfall is slightly over two miles.  Of course, once we got to the waterfall we had to get back to the car, but the trail through the forest was very pleasant.  We saw only one other couple on the trail during our entire hike.

Our hike to Hen Wallow Falls was a very wonderful way to spend part of a day.

To see these pictures and others, click HERE.


We’re making a trip to Hendersonville today so I can take my Dad to the doctor.  It’s just a routine checkup, but it does mean I’ll be away from my computer most of the day.  I’ll try to catch up as quickly as I can after we get back up.

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14 Responses to “Down Memory Lane: Hen Wallow Falls”

  1. Darla Says:

    I like the name Hen Wallow…do hope your Dad’s check up check’s out just fine. Be safe!

  2. Susie Says:

    I hope you guys have a safe trip today and your everything is okay with your dad.

  3. MaryBeth Says:

    Beautiful area there. Love the falls.

    Hope you have a fine trip to your folks.

    I spent the day at my Mother’s yesterday–running errands and visiting. Got her a computer and she is busy doing some writing. MB

  4. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Great photos of some beautiful flowing water.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Hen Wallow? Any idea why they gave it such an odd name? The middle picture is wonderful, it must be clicked on to be appreciated! Hope you have a nice trip and your dad gets a good report from the doctor.

  6. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Beautiful mosaic.Each picture would be lovely framed.

  7. Karin Says:

    Have a safe trip and trust all is well with your dad. Lovely photos yesterday and today! Blessings!

  8. imac Says:

    Falls Galore George.

  9. Neal Says:

    I don’t know how many times we’ve been to the smokies but have never been there.

  10. Mary Says:

    Glad to know about the quiet side of the Smokies. I’ve always avoided places like Gatlinburg. I’ll put this falls on my list of places to see if we ever get to the Smokies….which I hope to do maybe this year.

  11. Rose Says:

    I cannot get past the name Hen Wallow…I love it.

  12. Hilda Says:

    I really love how you capture waterfalls in your photos. Just beautiful. I also love the moss on the rocks! The name’s cute too.

    Hope your father gets all passing marks from his doctor.

  13. Judy Says:

    Okay, George, how did it get the name Hen Wallow? I did not think that hens wallowed in anything more serious than chickenfeed!

  14. Amanda Says:

    Love the photos but the hike sounds amazing! I would much rather go the quiet route away from the crowds so I can enjoy more I am glad the two of you enjoyed yourself!

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