My World: High School Football

Waiting for the team to take the field, Bearden High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. September 30, 2010.

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This past Thursday Betsy and I drove to Knoxville to see a high school football game.  Actually we went to see the band which was performing at the game, since Betsy’s grandson, Landon, is a member of the band.

This game was somewhat unique for me since I got to sit and watch the entire game.  Now don’t get me wrong — I’ve been to many high school football games.  But both of my children were in the marching band at their school, so much of my time at games was spent in Band Parents’ concession stands.

Half-time show, Bearden High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. September 30, 2010.

Since Landon is in the band, we have many more pictures of the band than we do of the football team.  The above picture shows much of the band during their half-time show.

Landon, September 30, 2010.

The handsome young man on the left is Landon.  He’s a percussionist and, as a freshman, is not marching this year, although he expects to next year.


As many of you know, I have been using a geotagger with my camera to record our location when we take pictures.  Using the information on the above pictures I found this picture of the stadium on Google Earth.  We were in the nose-bleed section of the stands near the press box.

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17 Responses to “My World: High School Football”

  1. Reader Wil Says:

    Betsy told already how proud she is of the grandson! I can see why! Wonderful for you to watch this game!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mildred Says:

    Perfect night to enjoy an evening outdoors. I know it meant a lot to Landon to have you and Betsy there.

  3. Linda G. Says:

    I haven’t been to a high school football game in years. When we had exchange students we would sometimes go to the homecoming game. Our last exchange student was on the football game, so we went to all his home games. That exchange student left in December 2006. We haven’t been to a game since 2006.

  4. Sandra Says:

    the geo tagger is really cool. i know the two of you really enjoyed the band with having your grandson down there. family matters!

  5. Susie Says:

    Looks like ya’ll had a great night for a game George.

  6. Kathy Ariano Says:

    I think it’s great that you all are close enough to attend games and be a part of the grandkids’ lives!

  7. jabblog uk Says:

    ‘nosebleed section’ – LOL!!
    Great shots of a fabulous occasion.

  8. busy bee suz Says:

    How fun. Fall, football and the BAND!!

  9. MaryBeth Says:

    good shots, George. I usually go to my 2 grandsons (ages 10 & 12) games—not as posh as highschool games. No grandstands so bring a chair. And they are Saturday mornings. Same but different. LOL MB

  10. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    The best part of Fall was that it was football season in the little town where I grew up. This looks like such a fun day for everyone. And Betsy’s grandson is a handsome lad indeed! Thanks for sharing the fun, George!!


  11. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful place. Perfect outdoor place to spend an evening.

  12. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    That is a very cool perspective of the stadium! I bet Betsy was jealous that she didn’t get it for her blog first!!! I have been enjoying these pictures on her blog, as well. It’s cool that you both have blogs, because it is interesting to hear about your trips from the perspective of each of you! You usually post different things about your trips.

  13. ewok1993 Says:

    must be fun to see the future of NFL before they were big stars.

  14. Becky Says:

    What a nice looking drummer!!! Love that geo tagger you have!!!

  15. Carletta Says:

    He is a handsome young man!
    When I counted up in head how many years it had been since my high school days the young one no longer fits me. 🙂
    Now I understand that geotagger a little better. Cool picture.

  16. jlshall (Joysweb) Says:

    Nice shots of the band and Landon! And that geotagger thingie is really nifty.

    Haven’t been to a high school football game since I was in high school myself. I mainly remember being really cold and uncomfortable most of the time, up in those stands – but now it looks like lots of fun!

  17. EG Wow, Canada Says:

    What fun to see your grandson play in the bad, George!

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