My World: Journey to Arkansas

Tulips and Azalea in bloom, Garvan Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas. March 28, 2011.

This is my post for the My World meme.  It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Wren, and Fishing Guy.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

Last week Betsy and I went to Mount Nebo State Park in Arkansas.  We’ve been going there at least once a year since I retired in 2006.  We have a favorite cabin that we rent, where we can enjoy beautiful views, fires in the fireplace, and the birds and deer that pass by.

As is usual with us, we can rarely go directly to a destination.  This year we stopped by Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on our way to Mount Nebo.  We had been there in 2009 and enjoyed the daffodils, so since we were a few weeks later this year, we stopped by to see the tulips.  As you can see from the picture above, the tulips and azaleas put on a beautiful display.

'Our' cabin on Mount Nebo, Arkansas. March 28, 2011.

Our cabin at Mount Nebo sits near the rim of the mountain top and provides a perfect spot to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

We made a day trip to nearby Mount Magazine State Park to have lunch in their wonderful restaurant.  It was a gray, cloudy, dismal day, which was just fine for eating, but very bad for picture-taking.

Since we now have a geo-tracker that we take with us just about every place, I can show you are journey thanks to Goggle Earth.  You can click to enlarge the map for easier reading.

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16 Responses to “My World: Journey to Arkansas”

  1. Mildred Says:

    The tulips and azaleas make a colorful and cheerful display. This is such a picturesque cabin at Mt. Nebo. Glad you had a safe trip and I look forward to seeing more photos.

  2. Pam Says:

    What a wonderful place for a get away, George. I enjoyed the map tour.. and the flowers are spectacular.

    be well, be happy

  3. diane Says:

    The gardens are absolutely magnificent. Nothing like a good meal on a rainy day.

  4. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    The tulips are stunning!
    I like the looks of the cabin. It sounds like a great getaway place.
    As much as you travel, I’ll bet it’s nice to use the tracker. I’ll bet you find more roads to explore too.

  5. Linda G. Says:

    What a show of color from the tulips and azalea!

  6. busy bee suz Says:

    The gardens are amazing; so much color.
    LOVE that lil’ cabin of yours!!!!

  7. Sandra Says:

    I do so love that cabin, the flowers are beautiful. glad you got to see the gardens with all that color

  8. dayphoto Says:

    Here I sit in an office just longing to be outside and I get to see this! Wonderful! Spring in the south is a real feast for winter weary eyes! I can hardly wait until spring really comes here!


  9. Loren Says:

    Those tulips are breathtaking! I sooo wish I could plant some! Maybe you should come visit us and help us figure out our yard LOL. You have such a beautiful green thumb!! Like my Dad.

    Your cabin is just beautiful and the view!!! OH MY! I told Betsy I am going to have to show this to my husband! Brian and I were married in Eureka Springs so Arkansas holds a very special place in our hearts!!

  10. MaryBeth Says:

    Love the Tulips. Very pretty and outloud color.

    The fields of Tulips in the valley are very late this year due to the continued cold weather. MB

  11. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    The cabin looks more adorable each time I see it, as long as you don’t show me that over the cliff shot!! And I love the angle of that shot you got of the beautiful tulips with the azalea at the back!

  12. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Terrific captures and such a gorgeous place! Love the rich colors of the tulips and the cabin looks perfect! What a great place for a getaway! I love it! Thanks for sharing the fun, George! So, glad you and Betsy had a great trip!


  13. Carletta Says:

    What a beautiful display of flowers! Lovely spring shot!

  14. Rose Says:

    Beautiful colors in that first photo!!! That is gorgeous.

  15. Kathy Says:

    Those tulips are beautiful!!

  16. sartenada Says:

    I especially liked Azaleas. Why? I never have seen them with so rich red color. We have Azaleas here in Finland so different color that these are amazing me.

    The cabin is awesome. Fantastic place to stay and to enjoy life.

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