Spring in the Glade

Our side flower bed under a blanket of snow. Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. February 19, 2012. (Photo by Betsy).

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Betsy took the picture above this past Sunday.  These are some of the spring flowers that shot up during our mild winter.  Of course now that they are sending up flower stalks, we get snow and cold!

But one thing about Tennessee weather is that if you don’t like it stay around for a day — it will change.

Crocus in our side flower bed, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. February 21, 2012.

This picture was taken on Tuesday.  The snow is gone and we have a crocus in bloom.  I actually saw a crocus in bloom before the snow storm, but I didn’t get a picture.  It didn’t survive the storm.

It rained most of Wednesday, and just after dark the warning sirens here in the Glade went off.  Fortunately all we got was more rain.

Crocus in our flower bed. February 21, 2012.

Yesterday was a bright, warm, sunny, Spring-like day.  I can hardly wait to see what today brings.

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17 Responses to “Spring in the Glade”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    What a difference a day, or two, makes!

  2. Maple Lane Says:

    It has been such an unusual winter! These warm, spring-like days are a blessing!

  3. diane Says:

    Silly weather, we have it cool here for a February day. What are the warning sirens for?

  4. andrea Says:

    oh so you have crocus too! Please post those in clumps! What about snowdrops? Everybody seems to be posting them aside from hellebores and witch hazel. All of these are alien to us.

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful flowers. That purple color is very eye catchy.

  6. Sandra Says:

    beautiful and so happy all you got was rain from that siren

  7. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Beautiful flowers and I love the rich color! They frequently said the same thing about weather in Texas when I was growing up! Seattle is a little different — you can definitely count on rain and cloudy skies appearing frequently, consistently! But it does thrill you silly when the blue skies appear!! Hope you and Betsy have a great weekend — a warm one with lots of color!!


  8. jewaicious Says:

    What lovely captures of weather and survival. Those crocuses are lovely, showing off their tones.

  9. ewok1993 Says:

    you are right about the weather in tn. one day it’s winter the next it’s spring. it’s never boring in tn 🙂

  10. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    Oh, if only the weather was cooperative.
    LOVE the cute lil’ crocus baby!

  11. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    The crocus does say spring. Enjoy them while they last.

  12. Rose Says:

    Looks like spring really is on its way! If we aren’t going to get any snow, then bring it on!

  13. dayphoto Says:

    Snow is heading in here for tomorrow, but right now it 40* and sunny. HAPPY HAPPY! Although the wind is blowing around 35 mph 😦


  14. Ginny Says:

    Oh gosh. I hope the plants and flowers aren’t ruined for the REAL spring! You have warning sirens? We don’t, and we had a tornado watch yesterday.

  15. MB Says:

    Yay! We have snow this weekend and today is blue sky and sunny. Perfect. Our Crocus are just starting to bloom as are the Daffs. Ain’t Spring great!!! MB

  16. Leovi Says:

    Very beautiful pictures, delightful flowers, seems incredible birth with snow.

  17. Sartenada Says:

    Very beautiful photos from Crocuses. I love the first photo too. The spring “snow storms” are before the spring (at least here).

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