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I’ve Moved!

July 15, 2008

As you may know, I’m a big Apple fan. I’ve had Apple computers for more than 25 years — first an Apple II and then Macs. And I absolutely love my iPod.

I started this blog on .Mac, using Apple’s iWeb. At first everything went very well, but then I began having increasing problems. I have to admit that I’m fed up with iWeb as far as a blog is concerned. It takes two or more hours to publish a blog post, and during that time I can’t do much of anything on my computer.

So I’ve moved to this site. I hope to be able to continue my blog here for a good long time. I’ll try my best to keep it interesting.

I’ll try to continue publishing photo pages using iWeb. That process seems to go better than the blog publishing. Links to the photo pages can be found to the right. There is also a link to Betsy’s blog.

I hope to see you again!