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Betsy’s ‘Dream’ Cabin

March 22, 2009


Shortly after Betsy and I got married we started talking about finding our retirement home.  At first we talked about finding a log cabin.  Betsy really liked the idea of a cabin on the top of a hill with lots of trees around it.

It didn’t take us long to discover that our ‘dream’ house was way beyond our wallet.  We finally found our house in the Glade.  It’s not a log cabin, but it does have wooden siding.  It’s on a hill, but not at the top.  But it does have lots of trees around it.  And we thoroughly love it.

But that doesn’t keep us from keeping an eye out for a cabin that would fit into our dreams.  Last summer we went to Virginia for a reunion of a branch of Betsy’s family.  While driving through the country side near Big Stone Gap, we spotted the cabin in the picture above.  All Betsy said was ‘Ohhhh….’.

It’s not on top of a hill, but hey, we can’t have everything.