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Happy Birthday, Robert

March 15, 2013


(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

It’s hard to believe that this cute little boy is 44 years old today.  He looks like a little angel in this photo, but the photographer really had to work to get this photo.  Bobby didn’t want to have anything to do with picture-taking.  But the photographer made a loop of scotch tape and put it between Bobby’s hands.  When Bobby got distracted trying to get his hands apart, the photographer squeezed a squeaky toy causing Bob to look up.  The result was this, one of my favorite pictures of my little boy.

Speaking of hard to believe, it’s hard to believe I’m old enough to have a son that old.

Happy Easter

April 3, 2010

Bob and Kelly on Easter Sunday, 1977. Black Mountain, North Carolina.

The picture above is not very good — it’s a copy of an old photograph that I came across recently.  It shows my son and daughter showing off their Easter eggs behind our home on Easter Sunday in 1977.  Bob was eight years old and Kelly was five.  We had come home from church and they were looking for the eggs the Easter bunny had hidden in the yard.

We were living in Black Mountain, North Carolina, at the time.  I was teaching mathematics at what was then Montreat-Anderson College in Montreat, North Carolina, only a couple of miles up the road.  Our house was small, but it had a big back  yard for the kids to play in.

Betsy and I are taking off a couple of days off to enjoy Easter with family.  I expect us to be out of pocket until Monday evening, so my next post will probably be Tuesday morning.  But I hope all of you have a blessed and joyous Easter.  I hope the weekend will bring all of you many happy memories.

A Lucky Friday the 13th

November 14, 2009

Kelly and Chuck. November 13, 2009.

Some people believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.  If you haven’t seen Betsy Friday the 13th post, you should check it out HERE.

But as far as I’m concerned this Friday the 13th brought good luck.    My daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Chuck, live near Buffalo, New York.  But they came down to Nashville this week for the CMA Awards.  Chuck has helped set up some events for artists in Buffalo, so they came down to see some of the people Chuck knows on the business side of the music business.

They had some free time yesterday so Betsy and I met them for a long lunch.  It was great to have some time to spend with my baby girl and her husband.  Who says Friday the 13th brings bad luck?

Happy Birthday, Kelly

January 1, 2009
Kelly enjoying her chocolate birthday cake.  Montreat, NC, January 1, 1973.

Kelly enjoying her chocolate birthday cake. Montreat, NC, January 1, 1973.

The beautiful girl in the picture above is my daughter Kelly celebrating her first birthday.

My parents were always very efficient — they raised their own babysitters.  I was ten and my brother was eight when my sister was born.  So I clearly remember my parents talking about wanting two boys and two girls.  But it didn’t work out that way — my sister was followed by another boy.

Fast forward a few years — my parents were looking forward to having a granddaughter to spoil.  My brother got married before I did and had four boys.  My first child was a boy.

But then, on January 1, 1972, Kelly Elizabeth Adams arrived in the world.  She came as a surprise to just about everyone — her mother and I didn’t have any girl’s names picked out.  Kelly made quite an entrance into the world — she was the first baby of the new year in Wabash County, Indiana.  Kelly also showed that she has a mind of her own — she was supposed to be a 1971 tax deduction!

So in the midst of New Year celebrations, I would like to wish my favorite daughter a very happy birthday.  She started recycling birthdays a few years ago, so I can’t tell you how old she is.  But I can tell you that she still likes chocolate.  And by the way, she’s my parent’s only granddaughter.