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Canyonlands National Park

November 21, 2017

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Betsy and I visited Canyonlands National Park for the first time on our recent trip west. We actually visited two sections of the park, but the Island in the Sky section was definitely our favorite. All of these pictures are from Island in the Sky.

I’m not sure what we expected to find at Canyonlands, but the stark beauty was absolutely fascinating. The picture above was taken at the Green River Overlook, and although you can’t see the Green River, you can see the canyons that it has carved over the ages.

This picture was taken near the White Rim Overlook. If you look closely you can make out the Colorado River way below and far away.

There are other sights to enjoy in the park, one of which is Mesa Arch. We didn’t get there early enough to see the sun rise through the arch, but it was a beautiful sight nonetheless. The arch can be reached after a relatively easy hike from the trailhead.

If you ever get a chance to visit Canyonlands, we hope you will do so.

Arches National Park

October 31, 2017

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One of the places we visited on our trip west earlier this year was Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. It’s a very beautiful — and very popular.

On the day before we planned to visit Arches we passed the entrance and noticed that the park was closed from 7pm to 7am and that there was a huge line of cars waiting to get into the park.

We knew that we would have to get to Arches very early the next morning, which we managed to do. We then learned that the closures were a result of roadwork being done in the park, and that there was a delay in getting all the equipment off the roads this particular morning. So we sat in the parking lot of the Visitor Center for what seemed to be the longest time.

Finally we were able to get into the park. Our first stop was Double Arch, which we only saw at a distance when we were there several years ago. This time we were among the first to get to the arch so were were able to hike to it while the morning light was still good, as you can see in the picture above.

We then hiked in the Windows portion of the park. I got this picture of the North and South Windows from nearby Turret Arch.

We then drove to the Wolfe Ranch section of the park to visit Delicate Arch. There were such long lines waiting to hike to the arch that we chose to content ourselves with seeing it from the viewing area. We did hike to the upper viewing area, which got us closer to the arch itself, which is where I got this photo.

We saw many more things at Arches National Park, but they will have to wait for another post.

A Visit to Antigua

April 18, 2017

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Antigua was another stop on the cruise Betsy and I took back in 2001 to celebrate our honeymoon.  Antigua impressed both of us as very beautiful — we especially liked the views of the coast that we had from Shirley Height, a part of the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park that we visited.

Click on the image above to see a slide show of the images that I took during our visit to Antigua.  If you would like to see these and other images, along with the captions for each, click HERE.

Sunrise, Sunset

March 7, 2017


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Mt. Nebo State Park in Arkansas in one of the favorite places Betsy and I visits.  We go there every year, usually in mid-to-late February or early March.

We have several reasons for going to Mt. Nebo that time of the year.  One reason is that our favorite cabin is usually available.  There are very few people around, so we feel as if we have the mountain top to ourselves.  Finally, that is a great time of the year to view both sunrises and sunsets.   The picture above is the view from Sunrise Point just before the sun poked above the horizon.

We have to get up early to get to Sunrise Point before dawn starts to break, but although it is sometimes hard to leave a nice bed, the view is worth it — even while the world is still sleeping.

We have a perfect view of sunsets from the back of our cabin, as the photo above shows.  This was taken on a perfectly clear day just as the sun slipped below the mountains to the west.

Clear days can give amazing sunsets, but an overcast day has it’s own special beauty.  This picture was taken on an afternoon when we didn’t see much of the sun,  but there was no doubt that the heavens were declaring the glory of God.

Is it any wonder that this is a very special place to us?

Mornings at the Beach

January 10, 2017


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Betsy and I really enjoy our visits to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.  For the past few years we’ve been going in both May and early December.  (We can’t stay away from that delicious Calabash seafood for too long!)

Although the weather is usually warmer in May, we enjoy our December visits because we get a good view of the sunrise from the balcony of our room at the Islander Inn, as you can see from the photo above.

So, although we are on vacation, both Betsy and I make an attempt to get up each morning at sunrise.

On some mornings there is a thick bank of clouds on the horizon,

although patches of blue were often soon seen in other parts of the sky.

Some mornings all we could do was stand in awe at the beauty of God’s creation.

A Different 9/11 Video

October 11, 2016

I’ve always had a problem with the second day of our honeymoon cruise.  Don’t get me wrong — my Bride was as sweet and beautiful as ever, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We were visiting the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin, which is part Dutch and part French.  The island seemed like a tropical paradise, and the people were very friendly and helpful.

So what was the problem?  The date — September 11, 2001.  We knew very little about what was happening in New York until later in the day.

I guess I’ve always felt a little guilty about enjoying such a beautiful setting on such a tragic day.  I wasn’t sure if I should post my pictures and make this video, but finally decided that since the pictures showed our experiences that day I would go ahead and post them.  The music used in the slideshow is “The World Turned Upside Down,” which somehow seems appropriate for that day.

If you would like to see these and other images taken during our visit to St. Maarten, along with a caption for each image, click HERE.

Grandfather Mountain

February 16, 2016



In November, 2012, Betsy and I spent a couple of days in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.  One of the places we visited was Grandfather Mountain, not too far from Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

The day we visited Grandfather Mountain was beautiful, but cold.  The cold didn’t bother us too much as we started up the mountain, stopping at the Sphinx, Split Rock and the Wildlife Habitat on the way.  But by the time we reached the Mile High Swinging Bridge at the top, the wind was really blowing and it was cold, COLD, COLD!  The weather had been mlld previously, so we weren’t prepared for the cold.

We made it across the bridge nevertheless, although for some reason there weren’t a lot of people around.  After thawing out in the Visitor Center at the top, we headed back down the mountain for some warmer temperatures.

This slide show contains images taken that day during our visit to Grandfather Mountain.  We’ve been back since, but the weather was milder at that time.

If you would like to see these and other images taken during our visit to Grandfather Mountain, along with a caption for each image, click HERE.

Down Memory Lane: Kuta Beach, Bali

June 25, 2015

1987 -- Kuta Beach

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I spent most of the summer of 1987 teaching in the People’s Republic of China, but before beginning our teaching duties our group was able to spend four days on the island of Bali.

We stayed at Kuta Beach Resort, which seemed like the perfect island paradise to this farm boy from Indiana.  All of these photos were taken at the resort.  The images are scans from slides taken in 1987.

To see larger versions of these pictures and others, click HERE.

Down Memory Lane: Victoria Harbor (1987)

October 27, 2014

1987 -- Victoria Harbor

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My first visit to Hong Kong was in June, 1987.  Hong Kong, then under British rule, was our gateway to China where we were to teach for a summer session.

We spent a couple days in Hong Kong, in a hotel in Kowloon.  To get to Hong Kong proper (the island) we had to cross Victoria Harbor.  Victoria Harbor is one of the largest harbors in the world, and in 1987 was the world’s busiest.

We crossed Victoria Harbor on the Star Ferry, which enabled us to get a close look at both the shipping in the harbor and the skyline of the Central District of Hong Kong itself.  We also were to view the harbor from Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

The photo on the top left of the collage above was taken from a hotel in Kowloon.  It shows some of the shipping in the harbor and the Hong Kong skyline in the background.  The picture on the top right was taken from the Star Ferry as we approached Hong Kong’s Central District.  The picture on the bottom left was also taken from a Star Ferry.  The photo on the bottom right shows Victoria Harbor from Victoria Peak.

To see larger versions of these pictures and others, click HERE.  Note that all images were scanned from slides.

Down Memory Lane: Atlanta, 2001

April 24, 2014

2009 -- Atlanta

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In early June, 2001, Betsy and I were invited to the wedding of the son of one of Betsy’s childhood friends in Atlanta. We were invited to the rehearsal dinner as well the wedding itself, so we spent the weekend in Atlanta.

We took advantage of some free time on Saturday to visit Stone Mountain Park. I had been there a couple of times before, but it was fun exploring the park with Betsy. We took the gondola to the top of Stone Mountain to enjoy the view, and later visited the covered bridge and old mill in the park. That evening we attended the wedding and reception.

The collage above contains pictures from our weekend. Betsy is striking a fetching pin-up pose on the top of Stone Mountain in the picture on the top left, while the top right shows the water wheel of the old mill. The covered bridge is shown on the lower left, while Betsy is beautifying a rock in front of the iconic Stone Mountain carving in the lower middle. The picture of us on the right was taken that night at the reception.

To see larger versions of these pictures and others, click HERE.