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Our World: Oops!

February 7, 2012

Mom at Winslow Christian Church, Winslow, Indiana. October 5, 2006.

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This is my post for the Our World meme.  This meme is a second generation of My World Tuesday created by Klaus Peter and is hosted by five wonderful ladies.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

In October, 2006, Betsy and I drove my parents to Winslow, Indiana, which was Mom’s hometown and the place where Mom and Dad met.  This picture was taken in front of the church in which Mom grew up.  If you look closely at the base of the sign you will see that it is ‘In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. James Cassidy’ — Mom’s parents and my grandparents.

There’s only one small problem — the family spelled their last name ‘CassidAy’!

99 Years Young

September 1, 2011

Dad, my sister-in-law Bonnie and brother Ken. August 31, 2011.

My Dad turned 99 on Monday.  He’s still in relatively good health, although he has gone down since my Mother died in June.  He suffered a small stroke about three weeks ago, but is much better than when we last saw him a couple of weeks ago.

My brother and sister-in-law came down from Indiana this week, so we all got together last night to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  Cracker Barrel is one of Dad’s favorite places so we got together to celebrate.  All three of his children (do I qualify as a child when I’m pushing 70?) and our spouses were there.

Betsy, my sister Janet, brother-in-law Charlie, George, Dad, sister-in-law Bonnie and brother Ken. August 31, 2011.

The Cracker Barrel staff came to the table and sang Happy Birthday to Dad and presented him with some apple cobbler and ice cream.  I think that was Dad’s favorite part of the meal.

In Honor and Memory

June 6, 2011

Kay Adams. May 2, 1920 - June 6, 2011.

My mother died this morning at my sister’s home.  She  had been in declining health, but apparently had a massive heart attack and died quickly.  Betsy and I had seen her (and Dad) on Thursday and I talked with her on the phone Saturday.  She sounded very chipper and in good spirits.  She had just had some ice cream before I called, which was her favorite snack.

The feature of Mom that most people commented on was her smile.  When my parents moved to Tennessee, the children in their new neighborhood called her the “Smile Lady”.

Now she’s smiling in heaven — it must be a brighter place today.

There Are Lots of Good People Around

May 10, 2010

Anniversary Party for my Parents at Their Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee. May 4, 2010.

I imagine that many of you have heard about the serious flooding that occurred last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.  My parents live near Nashville in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Sunday, May 2, was my mother’s 90th birthday.  My sister and I had arranged for the altar flowers to honor both Mom and my parents’ 70th anniversary, which was on Wednesday, May 5.  Because of the high water my parents couldn’t get to church, and a party that had been planned for them Sunday evening also had to be cancelled.

But it takes more than a flood to keep good people down.  On Tuesday our friend Judy and a Sunday School class of young adults who have adopted Mom and Dad prepared a surprise anniversary party for my folks.  About 50 people managed to get to the church at noon on Tuesday for the celebration.

My parents are in the lower left-hand corner of the picture above.  Judy, who helped arrange the party, is the woman in green at the extreme right.  The young adults (with their children) belong to the Sunday School class that ‘adopted’ Mom and Dad.  Judy’s husband Charlie took the pictures.

Dad Singing Mom's Song, Hendersonville, Tennessee. May 4, 2010.

One of the high points of the party was when Dad sang a song he made up for Mom many years ago.  I really don’t know when he ‘wrote’ it — I first heard it on their 50th anniversary.  Charlie said there  wasn’t a dry female eye in the place after Dad sang.  Not bad for a singer who is almost 98!

Happiness Is A Milkshake

February 13, 2010

Mom and Dad enjoying a milkshake. February 12, 2010.

The snow and cold of the past two weeks have pretty much kept my parents holed up in their house in Hendersonville.  Friday our friends Judy and Charlie, who live in Hendersonville, took Mom and Dad out for lunch at a fast food restaurant.  Mom and Dad enjoyed the hamburger and french fries, but the milk shake was obviously a big hit as well.  Charlie took and sent us this picture on his cell phone.


We’re supposed to get some snow Friday night and more on Sunday night.  I’m hoping to whisk Betsy away for a Mystery Trip between storms to celebrate Valentine Day.  I’m also hoping that we can get back home without any problems.  I can’t tell you where we are going since Betsy reads this, but the chances that the trip includes waterfalls are pretty good!  We hope to be back sometime Monday evening.


Today I’m grateful for thoughtful friends who help without being asked.

Happiness Is A Blueberry Muffin

December 22, 2009

Mom enjoying a blueberry muffin.

Yesterday Betsy and I made our delayed trip to Hendersonville to check on and to help out my parents.  Fortunately we found both of them in good spirits and good health.

Much of our morning was devoted to going over Dad’s finances, paying bills, and trying to get their Medicare Part D coverage straightened out.  We then took them out so they could do their grocery shopping.

Dad usually takes us to lunch when we go over there, but yesterday we wanted to treat them since it was close to Christmas.  They usually eat at a meat-and-three restaurant, but we wanted to take them to someplace a little different.  We took them to Mimi’s Cafe.  Some friends had taken them there and told us that Mom really liked the blueberry muffins Mimi’s served.  Since Betsy and I had never been there, we decided to take Mom and Dad back so Mom could have another muffin.

Mom is a little woman — five feet tall and less than 100 pounds.  But she polished off that muffin without any problems.  Oh, yes, she also finished her salad as well, but the muffin is what made the greatest impression.

Helping Dad

August 18, 2009
Dad at home, Hendersonville, Tennessee.  February 27, 2009.

Dad at home, Hendersonville, Tennessee. February 27, 2009.

When I was growing up, Dad could fix or do just about anything.  Did we have an electrical problem?  No need to call an electrician — Dad fixed it.  Trouble with the plumbing?  No problem, Dad could get it fixed.  Do we need an addition to our house?  Dad could do it himself.

When they moved to Hendersonville in 1963, my parents bought a house with an unfinished basement.  Dad finished the basement himself, making a separate living unit with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, utility room and living room.  Since it was much easier to heat and cool than the upstairs, they moved downstairs several years ago.  You can see part of the kitchen Dad built in the background of the picture above.

I never thought of Dad being unsure about what to do with any fix-it project.  I guess that’s what is so sad about the present situation.  My parents had a leak in the plumbing behind their washing machine.  Dad knew he couldn’t fix it (he’s now legally blind), but he didn’t want to call a plumber before I saw the situation.  That’s why Betsy and I went to Hendersonville yesterday (Monday).

We called a plumber who will go to my parent’s house this (Tuesday) morning.  Betsy and I will go back and hopefully get there before the plumber leaves.  Hopefully we can help Dad get the answer to any questions he might have and feel comfortable with the repairs that are made.  We’ll also help Mom and Dad with their weekly errands and chores.

I find it hard to get used to the idea of my Dad needing my help.  My Dad?  No Way!!

I’m glad we can help out.  It’s just sad that he so obviously needs our help.

Happiness Is A Blueberry Muffin

September 18, 2008

The picture above is of my mother enjoying a blueberry muffin at lunch yesterday.

Mom is truly a remarkable woman.  She developed macular degeneration more than 20 years ago and has been legally blind for most of the time since.  But most people meeting her would never know that.

She and Dad had gotten along quite well until several months ago when Dad was diagnosed with macular degeneration.  He, too, is now legally blind.

They now have to rely on members of their church to get them around.  Yesterday a church member took them to the doctor and then to their Bible study.  After the Bible  study our good friends Judy and Charlie picked up Mom and Dad and took them to lunch.

Charlie took this picture of Mom with her blueberry muffin.  It looks as if all’s right with the world.